In my opinion, this shuts down government abuses and keeps the internet a place for free speech.  These are the same criminals that want to limit talk radio because the left has no successful national talk radio show hosts yet they have every member of every news outlet except foxnews in their hip pocket.  This shows the hypocracy of the leftists.  Even though they have all those journalists in their hip pockets, foxnews still kicks their ass in the ratings.  There are huge disparities in the newspaper industry but liberals are not satisfied with that.

There has been some startling rumors abound that they want to regulate the internet.  The people who talk net neutrality are saying this was about content and price yet this court decision mentioned nothing at all except the FCC is going to attempt backdoor ways to regulate it financially.  I think the FCC should butt out.  I don’t think the FCC has the right to tell me what I can and can’t say on my blog nor my personal website.  To do so, would be marxist/stalinist.  The only people who would probably have a right to say anything over what I say on my blogs are wordpress and my web hosting company.  If they don’t mind, it don’t matter.  The only exception should be if I break the law not that I disagree with the president and congress.  Obama may be the liberal messiah but he’s not mine!