Steny Hoyer is a rebel without a cause.  He attempted to blame the TEA parties for people on his side of the isle’s retirement.  If he were honest with himself, he’d say that they deserved it.  All of the polls I’ve seen indicate that the majority of Americans were against the Obamacare bill yet he and others just like him drowned out what their majority constuents wanted and voted for what they wanted.  The American people will put up with a lot of things but passing a rotting fish bill and going against the wishes of the people they represent isn’t tolerated.  In other words, the American people are taking back their seats and giving them to someone they can trust to represent them.  In a simple way, senator, your fired!!!

The majority (Democrats) showed they look upon, we the people with contempt.  They know much better than us because somehow we aren’t intelligent enough to figure out what’s good for us.  I know what’s good for me and I don’t need  a politician to tell me that.  With all that contempt towards the tax payers and their snobbish and selfish agenda, they didn’t forsee that Obama had screwed them until it was too late.  While some of the staff that work for the politicians can keep their plan, congress members and senate members will be dumped into Obamacare with the rest of us.  It’s hillarious from where I sit because now they will have to  make that bed comfortable because they are going to be lying in it with the rest of us.  Which leads me to “Why didn’t they read the bill before they blindly signed it?”  I already know the answer, Pelosi and Reid didn’t give members of house and senate time to read the bill and they arrogantly took someone’s word for it and then they signed it.  These two idiots (Reid/Pelosi) didn’t want them to read it because if they had given everyone time to read it, it would have never passed congressional, senatorial, or constituents support.  Again if this bill was so good then why didn’t they give everyone time to read what’s in it?  If the bill was THAT good then why try to bypass the American Public’s support for this turd of a bill.  Liberals do things like this when they don’t want to have to answer to their tax payers.  It’s just that plain and simple.  I do not buy their bullshit line that we have to do something right now because this turd bill doesn’t take effect until 2012.  Even if they’d passed this back on Christmas, those people who are having problems now wouldn’t see a dime of the money until later so there was absolutly no rush.  Also, let’s not forget that while Obama screwed his supporters in congress, he also screwed more people than that with his arrrogant bill.  Now, thanks to the rotting fish of a bill, approximately 30% of doctors nation-wide will quit practicing medicine so now everyone got screwed. 

My advice for Steny Hoyer, shut up and take your medicine.  You people earned it for refusing to represent the majority of tax payers in the country.  It’s your fault your losing the majority in November.  It’s your fault that you lost Ted Kennedy’s seat to a Republican.  Although you can’t take all of the blame because Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Howard Dean knew they were putting their majorityship on the line when they put us on this primrose path to begin with.  In the immortal words of Booker T (Pro-Wrestler) “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”