Tom Smitheringale arrogantly believed the hyped up scam Al Gore has pushed before him.  He decided to go to the North Pole to highlight the warming.  He actually thought he’d go straight up to there and survive because of all that “Warming.”  Evidently Tom didn’t check in with reality and as a result, he failed. After a couple of weeks, he had to be treated for frostbite in all of that warming.  Last week, he had to be rescued by Canadian soldiers because he fell through the ice.

apparently, he’s not the only one.  Authorities have said this is the 4th year in a row they had to go rescue these fruitcakes attempting to make their nutty point.  Yes Tom, your idea wasn’t exactly a good idea nor was it an original idea.  All of the idiots out there that say climategate proved nothing are potentially stupid enough to try to prove their point by going to Antarctica to prove that man-made global warming isn’t a scam.  As for the investigations that resulted from climategate, they were a sham.  They held the investigation but in the end, they whitewashed it to make it go away.  Mann was found innocent of the charges stemming from climategate but they have him up on other charges relating to his scientific work.  Go figure!

I wonder if you asked Tom about Global warming if he thinks it’s all science fiction now that he’s been educated on the realities of the situation.  The realities are that it’s pretty damn cold up there.  Tom can thank his lucky stars or charms that he’s alive to tell about his ill-conceived trip to Antarctica.  Since Tom has lived to tell about his trip, I think it’s funny how he decided that it was safe to take a trip up there to check it out.  Hopefully Tom has a learned a valuable lesson out of his disastrous trip. 

I mention his trip to try to stop anymore idiots that feel they can survive up there to prove the earth is warming.  Get smart people!  Al Gore is trying to get rich off you by appealing to your worship of mother earth all while deep down in places Al would not like to mention, Al knows his scientific fact is nothing more than a dishonest attempt to bilk the taxpayers of this country of millions of their hard-earned tax monies.

You can read all about Tom’s failed trip here.

Sadly Arctic rescues have been increasing within the last 4 years because these idiots have dumb ideas about traveling up to the arctic.

Also today, Riva Novosti released a statement saying that we’re in for global cooling.  You can read that article here.