Yes I call them food nazi’s.  These miserable human beings don’t like to stand up to their kids so they want the government to tell them no, you can’t have a happy meal with a toy.  Is this rediculous or what?  I have two kids and I never had a problem telling them no when it came to fast food.  Now they are both adults and they know if you want to eat healthy you eat at home.  You go out every now and then and get fast food.  Last time I freakin checked, the constitution does not give government the authority to interfere with commerce unless it’s illegal.  Putting a toy in a happy meal isn’t illegal.  If you are an adult with kids, you don’t have to go out for fast food.  You merely get off your lazy @ss and cook the kid a healthy meal.  It’s that simple.  I don’t see many kids in McDonalds by themselves ordering food that the parent didn’t know they were getting.  Usually, the whole family is in there getting fast food.  If you don’t want your kids eating McDonald’s then take your happy @ss home and cook.  In the liberal mind, the government has to tell their kids no because they don’t have the guts to do it. 

Welcome to the nanny state where government tells you what you can eat and when you can eat it.  This is what the proud, the few, the brain dead want.  They don’t want to take responsibility for their kids food.  They want the government to tell them what they can have so they can be happy communists.  To this, I say no thank you.  I’ll make my own decisions.  I don’t need the government interferring in my household.  If I feel like taking my wife to burger king, I’m taking her to burger king.  I don’t need to talk to the government about what I eat or when I eat it.

I saw the interview on foxnews.  I have to point out that this female was blonde and was from California, go figure.  She argued that parents don’t know what’s good for their kids.  Well if the younger generation is that stupid, maybe they shouldn’t have had kids in the first place.  I almost spit my green tea all over my monitor when she said that she had it legislated because kid’s are obese.  You know what, I’ll tell you why kids are obese in the first place.  Parents are working later hours and finding it hard to go straight home and cook a meal so they stop by these fast food places constantly because it’s fast and they don’t have to cook.  Also, parents are letting their kids consume large quantities of soft drinks when they go out to eat.  That’s why Jr. is a bit on the heavy side.  If parents quit buying coke/fast food and cooking meals and giving the kids koolaid or juice instead it would cut down on our obesity problems.  As bad as koolaid is, it’s nothing when compared to the sugar content in a soda.

I’ll guarantee blondie one thing, legislating this is bad.  The government has no business telling parents what they can and can’t feed THEIR children.  Just because she’s so stupid that she can’t say no to her kid doesn’t mean everyone has her problem.