Michael Mann is one of the scientist caught up in the climategate scandel.  Currently, he’s a professor at Penn State University.  After the climategate scandel, Penn State University attempted to quell public outcry by putting on a dog and poney show by attempting to make it look like they looked into the charges being levied by the Climategate emails.  However, Penn State is going to proved incompetent to hold such a inquirty because the man in charge of the global warming funding is a skeptic and he’s doing his own investigation.  Another shoe has dropped on Michael Mann.  The Virginia Attorney General is looking into all of the documents Mann originated while employed in Virginia looking for evidence of wrong doing.

I’ve been saying for a while, I feel this movement is dishonest and that they have been fudging the numbers with absolutely NO accountability.  Technically, I’m right because climategate emails show that these arrogant individuals refused to send the skeptics their work and supporting documents.  That in itself shows a pattern of deception.  Let’s face it, if these individuals received taxpayer monies to do their studies and testing, then they are required by public law to share that information with anyone who asks for it.  If the scientist in question personally funded a project then by all means they can decide who gets it and who doesn’t.  These individuals don’t fund any of their own projects so we can safely say they HAVE to make everything available to skeptics who file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request.  Right now, these scientists believe they don’t have to be accountable to the public. 

I believe Michael Mann is getting what he deserves because his past actions show a lack of ethics and accountability.  If he’s found guilty through both investigations, he should be denied access to all government grants in the area of global warming.  His credentials should be stripped away.  In essence, this would ruin his career as a climateologist.  We need to make an example out of him for anyone else out there who hasn’t been caught.  Of course the debate isn’t over like Al Gore would like you to believe.  As long as we find scientists with a lack of ethics, this debate will NEVER be over.  Michael Mann doesn’t want anyone to see his climate data model but I think the code should be examined by a computer programmer to look at how his program comes up with it’s conclussions.  The lie could be in the program itself.

As much as I want to see Mann get what he deserves, I want it done fairly.  I’d like to see a skeptic and an alarmist on the panel that looks over all of Mann’s work.  That would be the right way to go.  It is his career that’s at stake and I wouldn’t want that decided by just one person.  If found guilty, Mann will be responsible for paying back nearly a half of a million dollars in funding that he received and I’m sure there will be fines and penalties.  Mann says they may find minor errors in his work but says that it won’t be enough to charge him with tax fraud.