Someone committed theft at the Mojave memorial which the supreme court ruled is acceptable as is because it was authorized back when it was first put up there.  This dispicable liberal POS went in and stole the cross from the property.  Evidently, they are idiots that are incapable of understanding that when the supreme court ruled it can stay they have no legal right to remove the memorial.  I also view this cowardice act as disrespectful towards the law of the land and veterans whom the memorial stood for.  Of course the communists at the ACLU didn’t want to address this cowardice act but wanted to talk about what they are doing to take this back into court.  From my perspective the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the veterans, let it go.  You have no legal grounds to object to a veteran memorial authorized by congress.

Besides, how can you get offended by a memorial that is located out in the middle of nowhere?  It’s not like you drive past it on your way to work on a daily basis.  This frivalous lawsuit is brought to you from the same F*cking  idiots (liberals) that preach tolerance when it is in their favor not when it isn’t.  From their perspective, you must be tolerant of their rights but when the roles are reversed, they act like Nazi’s.  They want to shut down your free speech.

If you stole the flag/know the lame POS that stole the flag, tell them I said to return the memorial and quit acting like a spoiled rotten little b*tch.  You either win your case in court or you don’t.  Stealing the memorial makes you a criminal and subject to prosecution and if they catch you, I hope they sentence you to the maximum sentence for theft.  I’ll just bet the lame POS says he’s patriotic too.