I’m going to go on the record and say I’d give her a thumbs down for the supreme court.  She has NEVER been a judge before.  How can anyone look at her record of judgements if there isn’t a record to look at?  She had a thin resume when they made her a solicitor general and they found out about her actions while she was at Hhharrvard University.  Other findings when she went to interview for solicitor general was her feeble attempt to ban military recruiters from Hhharrrvard University.  The operative word was recruiting, the military was not forcing anyone to join, just giving the student options, she didn’t like the military, the same beautiful men and women who give up their lives to defend our liberty and she doesn’t want a Harvard student “the smart ones” subjected to their recruitment, as if their minds are not sufficient enough to make their own choices and do it logically, I guess they didn’t learn much at that bastion of liberal education now did they??  Of course the Supreme Court backed the recruiters and again had to tell this educated, beyond her capacity, professor that Hhharvarrrd would lose it’s federal funding if she didn’t back down.  So like a good Liberal she did after being thoroughly embarrased by the supreme court yet the liberal messiah wants us to believe she’s ready for a lifetime position on the supreme court.

However, if I look at Obama and her resume’s, neither are very qualified for the job they wanted but of the two, she’s probably more qualified to be a judge than Obama a president.  Just look at all of the mistakes he’s made so far.  He’s kinda of bumping into everything in the political arena because he doesn’t have the experience he needs to run the office with any kind of competency.