The title says it all right now.  There are 2 cases where kid’s have been punished for flags.

A Female 7th Grader was told to draw whatever they like for their project.  She did, she drew a picture of the American flag and wrote the words “God Bless America.”  The teacher came back and told the young lady it was offensive.  Really?  What takes the cake is when the same teacher felt she had to lie about the whole incident but when confronted with witnesses, she changed her tune and said she might have said it.  Where in the hell do these apparent losers come from?  This teacher should be fired.   If she is offended by the US flag then maybe she should simply go home and pack her shit and move somewhere that she’s not offended by their flag.  Problem solved!  This would open up a position for a better teacher to come in off the unemployment list.  Two problems solved!  Both mom and daughter intend on pushing this one as far as they have to.  Oh, did I mention this was in California?  If anything nutty like this happens, it is in California.

A Latin-American teenager was suspended from school because he dared to wear a shirt with the US flag pictured on it because the principle felt it was offensive to the Hispanic community on Cinco De Mayo.  I can fix this one easily.  If those other hispanics are offended by the US flag then they should pack up their shit and leave the country.  What’s next?  Are we going to allow these liberal idiots to suspend our kids on Hannika if they show up wearing a US flag?  Cinco De’ Mayo isn’t a very big holiday at all in Mexico.  They don’t get days off for it.  It’s bigger in the US because Corrona uses the holiday to sell more beer.  We don’t even give anybody the day off for this holiday neither.  So it’s not like this is a major hispanic holiday.

Ultimately this is a free country.  The school should not tolerate this kind of behaviour by teachers nor principles.  There is far worse crap going on in schools than to worry about kids feeling patriotic and wearing a flag on their shirts or drawing one.  People who feel offended by this are the minority so they should shut up and color.  Don’t embarass yourself by exposing your lack of patriotism.  The military personnel and retirees who have passed away defending these teachers rights had their coffin draped by a US flag.  It isn’t offensive, it’s considered being honored by your country, not offended by your country.  Luckily for this teacher and that principle, in the US you are free to be offended by our flag but that does not extend to the classroom.  In the classroom, the words “shut up and teach” come to my mind.  You do not have a right to tell your students why they should be offended by the flag of your country.  That should be reserved for the students to make their own decisions.

Both of these cases occured in California.  No surprise there but still, neither of these incidents should have happened in the first place.  Liberal teachers have lost their minds.  They are supposed to educate the kids not indoctrinate them.  In both cases the adults showed their lack of professionalism and contempt for living in our country.  Is it perfect?  No!  Is it a work in progress?  Yes it is.