I remember back as the elections started up a black female Staff Sergeant came up to me and asked me how do I decide who to vote for.  I explained I normally vote for the crook that promises not to rape my wallet as bad as the other.  After she was done laughing, I explained that I normally voted for Republicans because they are more civil towards the military and they look out for the military.  I knew a guy that worked in the pentagon who explained how Generals had to change into a coat and tie because Hillary didn’t allow military uniforms in the white house.  How civil is that?  I also told her that Democrats cut the military deep then wonder why nothing is combat ready.  Little did I know that the Liberal Messiah would even think of cutting military pay but here it is, he’s going after the military’s pay.

The liberal messiah wouldn’t ask the unions to cut their members pay so why would he try to cut the military’s pay?  The unions work isn’t half as dangerous as the military’s yet he wants the military guys to go put their life on the line for way less than unions garner for their members.  I can almost hear the combat situations now.  “Uh private smith, we want you to run over there so you can draw their fire but your going to do it for less money than private doe did.”

I remember the liar-in-chief’s words when he talked about veterans, I don’t remember him talking about how he’s going to screw them.  I heard him promise to provide jobs for them but I don’t remember him saying how he wanted to cut their pensions.  I would have remembered that.  He’s a liar today and he’ll still be a liar tomorrow.  Just remember that, there are other promises that I’m sure he’ll break like, If you make less than 250,000 a year, you will not see a tax increase?  Well what in the hell is crap and tax?  That’s a tax and I don’t give a shit how you represent it, it is still a tax.  They are talking about a European style Value Added Tax too.  Is he living in reality or a alternate world where promises don’t mean a thing.  People voted for him because they believed he’d stick to his word.  I think what it all boils down to is that he has complete and utter contempt for the people that elected him into office.  He thinks that politics is a game, liberal jackasses ran around saying he’s a different kind of politician.  Really?  I want whatever in the hell you’ve been smoking.  He’s just like every other politician I’ve ever seen.  He can’t keep promises, he lies, he attempts to go against the wishes of the majority, etc. etc. etc.

If he keeps trying to rape the military on pay, retention will be in the toilet.  He won’t be able to keep people in slots because people will flip him the bird and get out until we don’t have enough people to serve in the military.  Then what genius?  Oh I know, he’ll rely on the homosexuals and the illegal immigrants to join the military.  Wow, that will be a sight to see.  Here’s a applicable little story told by a former member of the Joint Chief’s of Staff.  He had a Turkish general visit and the Turkish General asked him how he keeps the troops so motivated.  He was jealous of how well our military performed their jobs.  You see in Turkey, people are forced to serve in the military and they are literally locked up in the barracks at night and are treated poorly.  Our General simply told him, we pay them.

The most insane part of this is that E-1’s normally live off their paychecks plus food stamps if they have a family.  That’s a sad testiment that the younger troops have to work and go on food stamps while the liar-in-chief attempts to cut their pay.  He also wants to cut my retirement pay.  My pay was promised to me when I retired.  The regs specifically said I’d get a certain percentage of what I was making based on my age, rank, and number of years of service.  I signed a contract (which I did not break) which makes congress liable to keep paying me based on the contracts that I fullfilled which was 20 years worth.  I’m sure the veteran’s groups will be knee deep in someone’s @ss when they go after retiree pay and benefits.  Either way, the liberal messiah isn’t scoring any points with me.  I thought he was an idiot before this but now I know he is one.  Obama doesn’t have the balls to do this to the unions in this country so he decides to pick on the people keeping us safe.  Not exactly the smartest thing he’s ever done but then again, he is a Liberal Democrat bordering on a socialist.