Yes, it’s really not news worthy anymore but it’s happened yet again.  Apparently, the healthcare bill estimate was off by a 100 Million dollars.  Oh it get’s much better for you Obamabots.  It imposes taxes on people who make less than 250,000 dollars a year.  Aren’t you glad you have an honest government?  No, really I mean it.  Well maybe not because I’ve said all along we can’t afford to pay for public health insurance out of the tax payer monies.  Oh and for the lefties, this puts the total cost of this bill OVER 1 trillion dollars even after the fancy accounting tricks that were used for this bill.   You know tricks like cutting 2 bills to separate them so the taxpayers whom are stupid won’t really know the difference.  Yeah, if you didn’t listen to foxnews, you probably didn’t get the memo about this.  They covered it and commented about how intellectually dishonest this was.

When I made that comment last night, little did I know that it would hit today.  Really I had no idea.  Taxpayers should be outraged at the Democrats over their conduct on this matter!  It was less than their best foot forward.  They ran this bill through without the public’s support and absolutely lied to us the whole time.  Although, they did have the minority’s support on this issue but when in the hell has the minority ever gotten what they wanted?  This bill went through without even one Republican supporting it.  They did such a shitty job writing the bill that they themselves didn’t want to be on it.  Yeah, that’s when you truly know how f*cked up the bill is.  I agree with Orin Hatch on this one, they wrote this bill so it would fail and they’d come back and claim that the government is the only people who can fix this and offer up single payer.  THAT’s the real definition of intellectually Dishonest isn’t it?  I mean they knew up front they were producing something that was so shitty that it would fail.

It was pretty funny when that idiot Henry Waxman attempted to go after AT&T and other business owners who complied with the bill and legitimately said this would raise their costs as much as 100 billion dollars.  Waxman sent out letters and demanded all of their emails and financial records because he just knew this would lower healthcare costs.  Then someone must have pulled him aside and said it’s true forcing Waxman to back down and shut the f*ck up.  he immediately cancelled his so-called meetings with these CEO’s.  I hope he felt like a Jackass after he had to have someone explain it to him which proves my point that the idiots in the house of representatives did not read the bill.  They just took Harry Reid’s word for it.  Ain’t that special?   But hey, at least Waxman looked like the Democrat mascot.

I’ve said before these people do not have your best interests at heart.  They are pursuing their own selfish interests and putting those ahead of what the public wants.  They forget that the people who elect them into office are the same thing as their boss.  Elections are nothing more than a job interview.  Democrats and liberals view the American public as stupid.  One of their tactics is to use the race card to shut you up when they are losing the debate.  What accusations did we hear during the healthcare debate?  Oh it’s racist to be against Obamacare.  Then came the Taxed Enough already parties.  This scared the hell out of the liberals so what did they do?  They yelled that the group was somehow racist to try to shut them down.  Obviously, it still hasn’t had the desired effect yet.  Even when the times square bomber was at large, liberals were hoping it was a tea party member retaliating for this miscarriage of justice called the Obamacare bill.  They thought that even while most tea party members were thinking logically and accurately, it was a TERRORIST! 

The liberal messiah has thin skin and was out just this weekend talking about lies and the internet.  From where I sit, the so-called lies are originating in the office of the president.  he’s not been straight once since he got elected.  Honestly, that’s probably why his numbers are falling like a married person’s sex life.  He can’t be honest about what his vision is for America because he knows 80% of Americans would disagree with him.  Occasionally, he let’s comments like fundamentally transform america slip out.  Today I caught a liberal being dishonest when he said the president doesn’t support the fairness doctrine.  Of course he doesn’t, his czar in charge of the FCC said that the fairness doctrine does not go far enough.  It’s on youtube.  go check it out for yourself.  In other words, they want to stifle free speech all together.  That’s where Obama’s supreme court nominee fits in.  Did you know, Elena Kagan wrote an article about the government should determine what kind of speech is considered free speech?  Oh boy, now we’re officially attempting to institute a formal socialist agenda through stacking up the supreme court.  There’s only one problem the liberal messiah faces now.  That’s getting her confirmed even though she lacks a judicial record.  she’s even worse off that the other female judge that george w. tried to put in the white house.  The other female judge was all together denied a hearing.  Then again, the Dems can vote her in on a completely partisan vote because they have a majority in both houses. 

you see where we’re going folks?  all this is happening for a reason.  It’s part of the liberal messiah’s plans to fundamentally transform america.  he will lie, cheat, and steal to get his agenda through and passed into law.  he knew all along he’s going to lose support by 2012.  That’s why he’s working on illegal immigration trying to make them legal so they can vote.  He knows it’s not enough having the hardcore liberals by themselves.  hardcore liberals only account for 35% of the voting public.  Yeah, there are that many misguided kool-aid drinkers.  Mark my words, this isn’t the first lie he’s told the public nor will it be his last.  If he was honest about his agenda, nobody in their right mind would have voted for him.  he knows it’s true because he’s kept his real agenda secret from the voting public.