Chris Matthews on PMSNBC proved he’s a communist.  He wants the government to nationalize the oil industry and kill the CEO’s but he wants to say Republicans are violent.  What a moron!  Chris Matthews is intellectually dishonest on many of his points:

    a.  The constitution does not allow the government to take over the oil industry just like it does not allow them to take over the car industry.

    b.  The constitution tells everything the government is allowed to do to ordinary citizens and killing them without a trial is considered illegal.

Chris Matthews is an idiot and a joke.  Mr. Thrill moves down my leg everytime I mention his name should make a more concerted effort to stop kissing the presidents @ss as much in public.  It’s not like he’s going to gain anything from it.  I’m not quite sure how Chris Matthews went from guest hosting the Rush Limbaugh radio show to being a card carrying member of the squishy liberal club.  Chris can’t go around claiming he is a law abiding citizen when he’s out there saying this kind of stuff.  This is the same kind of BS that the loony left normally chirps about.