The elections are probably going to send fear and shivers down every democrat’s spine who is up for election in November.  They had their heads up their butts and are going to pay the ultimate price for their treachery.  As I’ve said many times, the majority of the population, 70%, said no to the Obamacare bill and yet it was thrusted down our throats by politicians who were too stupid to understand the clear English that was spoken by the majority.  That bill was so bad that none of the house of representatives wanted to live under the bill because it was for the peasants.  Don’t think for one second that I’m over-exaggerating peasants because after this president is done, the middle class will most definitely disappear off the politicians radar because there was only be poor and rich/wealthy.  I also think it’s too freakin’ late to start listening to your voters…damage is done, you have to go!

Don’t think for a moment there is a anti-incumbant sentiment out there, you’d be wrong.  Blanch Lincoln was a Republican yet she allowed that monstrosity to make it to the floor because she is a liberal disquised as a Republican.  If Arlen Spector had been paying attention to Rush Limbaugh, he’d have stayed a Republican instead of changing his party affiliation.  It was a stupid move but he’s paid for it.  Look Arlen, if people have a choice between you and a strong valued democrat, they will vote 100% for the strong valued democrat.  It’s that simple.

Democratic Consultant Dane Strother said “Voters are so angry they are throwing plates.”  It’s good to know that these elitist Democrat politicians are hearing the truth.  They have steer clear of the Liberal Messiah’s agenda.  It’s toxic and it will take you down.  You can read the article I read here.