The left in this country are going ballistic over a private Sir Elton John performance even though if you go to his webpage he has a statement that says “I have always believed that music inhabits a world set apart from politics, religious differences or prejudice of any kind.”  I’ve physically seen liberals say things like “He really didn’t need the money” and “There comes a time when you’ve made enough money.”  Yeah, you can see the loving liberal touch in these statements.  How about this statement “I’m going to throw my Elton John music in the trash!” 

Liberals are up in arms over Sir Elton John playing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding.  I don’t see the big deal over it.  Elton was paid exactly what he asked for.  In my view it sounds like the free market working well.  Hell I even agree with Sir Elton John’s statement because I believe music inhabits a world set apart from politics, religious differences or prejudice of any kind.  I guess where I don’t see the big deal is that I am Republican and the most popular musicians are liberals.  Yeah I buy their music anyway.  I even own a few Sir Elton John songs that I purchased on a couple of legal websites.  After this, I may buy more Sir Elton John music because this man is a professional and conducts himself as one too.  Any musician that conducts themselves as liberals want, is a political hack.  When I want to listen to music, I don’t want to listen to a political hack.  There are already too many of them out there.

My advice to the hacks out there saying bad things about Sir Elton John, back off!!  This man is capable of making his own decisions about who he’d like to play for.  He does not need your permission to conduct his business.  In fact, as far as I’m concerned, Sir Elton John can make the decision on how much money is enough.  Your liberal messiah is an idiot if he thinks he can righteously decide when Sir Elton John has made enough money.  I think he’ll keep making money until it’s no longer any fun and then he’ll retire.  That point is determined by him and him alone.  Not all liberals are political hacks and he’s got the right to decide for himself how to conduct his business.  It’s retarded that someone who is a Republican has to call out your stupidity on the matter.  Especially when all you liberals love to go out and say ALL Republicans are Homophobes which I certainly am not.  I have a lot of respect for Sir Elton John.  He’s a stand up guy from everything I’ve seen throughout the years.  He has done a lot of good things for people and hasn’t once called a press conference like Sting.  He’s very generous to his causes and he’s not out creating hate and discontent in the press.  I respect that and his music.