I jokingly thought to myself yesterday that the president was going to use the BP disaster to push his crap and tax bill.  Today I got home to find out that it may be funny but I’m not laughing.  He has showed a total lack of anything remotely thought of as leadership.  He’s been on tv talking about knowing who’s @ss to kick.  What?  Now I’m a realist and I know the President can’t do much to plug the whole and I don’t think anyone expects him to.  Here is what I expect and I’m sure others may be able to agree with me on some level.

a.  As soon as the disaster happened, The liberal messiah should have contacted the CEO of BP.  Not to kick their @ss but to WORK WITH THEM.  He should have been asking if BP needed any government resources/assistance instead of playing golf.  He should have been offering up any expertise in his administration which from what I’ve seen is clearly minimal. 

b.  The CEO and the liberal messiah should have talked to the Army Corp of Engineers and developed a strategy to stop the spill.  Instead it took the liberal messiah 53 days to talk to the CEO of BP and instead of coming together to fix a problem.  He’s going to attempt to kick BP’s @ss which does not fix the problem.  Now that I think about it, neither does Crap and tax.  The Liberal Messiah’s whole speech today was as useless as tits on a bulldog.  He should wait until the disaster has been fixed to start talking about anything he mentioned in his speech.   The president seems to think that government oversight will fix this problem.  It’s government oversight that created the problem.  I read somewhere that MMS was too busy watching porn to go out and inspect the rigs.  They helped to create the problem in the first place.  I think the first @sses that need to be kicked are in the Liberal Messiah’s administration.

c.  Any tough talk should have been held off on until the spill has been capped.  IT’S COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.  It does not take a harvard degree to figure this out.  I’ve seen 18 y/o Airman Basic’s with more natural leadership abilities than the liberal messiah is displaying.

To make this whole thing even more assinine, he sent out Senators Kerry and Liebermann to try to sell the public on Crap and Tax.  They are talking it will cost, us, the taxpayers, $80-150 a month.  So tell me, how does committing fraud on the American public going to stop the spill?  This is a unreasonable response to a disaster.  Spain tried Crap and Tax and it killed 3 jobs for every 1 it created.  Right now, America cannot afford Crap and Tax and we should flush it down the toilet or bury it.  It’s a bullshit idea from an idiot that should stop thinking if this is the best they can do.  We already have a high unemployment problem if the idiot-in-chief would stop having expensive dinner parties and golfing long enough to notice.  It has been reported that the Liberal Messiah has already played more rounds of golf in 1 year than George W. Bush played in 8 years.

I figure that the Republicans are going to treat this bill just like the Obamacare bill.  None of them will vote for it and the Dems don’t have the balls to pass it on a party line vote because they have a LOT to lose in November.  So like the cowards they are, they will not attempt to vote on it until November, after the elections.  I’ll even bet they will try to play this down between now and the elections, just like they did with Obamacare.