The Liberal Messiah is planning on waiting until just after the November elections to attempt to pass crap and tax.  He knows that Democrats are toast and he plans to use that to get the members of the Democrat Party that are leaving to vote for that smelly fish called Crap and Tax and other Global Warming measures.  If you are smart, you will contact your representative and make sure he understands exactly how you feel about Crap and Tax and that when they are voted out of office, they are headed back to live amongst the people that they screwed not once but twice.  Two times these slothful individuals have voted against what the majority of Americans they represent wanted.  Inform them that instead of helping with their Obamacare bill they caused prices to shoot up again.  We’d have been in better shape if they’d left it alone because they are bumbling idiots.

Crap and Tax is based on Fraud.  It seems like we’re uncovering another scandal every month or so from the man-made global warming criminals.  Not one of Al Gore’s talking points has actually happened and there is really no evidence that it will ever happen.  That’s like saying it could happen but we really don’t know.  In the next week or so, I plan on taking a list of Gore’s claims and disect them one by one, proving that he’s full of crap and I’ll put links in there to articles that show that he’s full of something.