The Federal Communications Commission took it’s first steps to regulate certain aspects of the broadband industry.  Personally, I don’t want these people anywhere near the internet because each administration will take a little more than the next and finally the internet will look like a communist country because eventually they will attempt to regulate who’s allowed to own a website, who’s not, who’s allowed to have Democrat content and who’s allowed to have Republican content, and it will keep going until finally they have the final say in what you can say and about whom you can say it.  I’d much rather have the free market dictate how much a broadband connection will go for than the Federal Government.  If you think otherwise, look at Obamacare and hopefully you’ll be intelligent enough to know why when the government gets in the middle it fouls up everthing even for the user.  The free market will allow companies to undercut each other allowing for fair market prices to be set.  When the government gets involved prices will shoot through the roof.

If you want to know, it was a partisan vote 3-2.  Democrats voted to regulate and Republicans voted not to.  I am a firm believer in the old saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!”