First it was the Rush Limbaugh wedding and now Sir Elton John to the rescue again.  Israel attempted to get Elvis Costello and the Pixxies to give a concert and both were political hacks first and entertainers last.  They called Sir Elton John  and he came right over.  You’d think Evlis Costello would be greatful anyone remembers his name much less his music.  It wasn’t that freaking good in the 80’s during his hay days.  I’ve never actually heard of the Pixxies so they should have been greatful anybody wanted to hear anything from them.  Of course, I’d have to say that Israel came out of this the winners because Sir Elton John is much better than the other 2 groups of clowns they wanted before they got Elton John.  You have to admire anyone who puts their profession above their politics.  That’s what is missing in the entertainment industry now days.  Everyone puts their politics above their profession.  Instead of doing the concert and possibly making new fans those groups where so intent on making a statement hoping it would make a difference.  The only difference it made is that Sir Elton John probably has more new fans than a couple of losers like Elvis Costello and The Pixxies.  Elvis Costello and the Pixxies will probably regret their decision when they run out of money to buy drugs or booze.  I’d advice Israel when they call begging to do a concert that they tell them “no way!”