Hey, I’m beginning to think Al Gore was taken out of context.  Instead of saying “THE globe is warming,” He very well may have said “MY globes are warming!”  LMFAO, yeah I know goofy funnies on a Tuesday which is my Monday work wise since I’m off Sundays and Mondays.  Hey it was joke, get over it. 

The newest scandal has broke on the IPCC and again, it paints a very different picture when you consider they are supposed to be THE resource on all of this.  The new scandal is called Judithgate.  Judith is the name of the 1 solar phsyicist working for the IPCC and she peer reviewed her own article.  I’m not quite sure if that’s legal or not but I do have a problem with her work.  She’s out there saying that the sun does not change climate.  Really?  And what did she do with the money her parents gave her to send her to school with?  On a cloudy day, climate is cooler than on a Sunny day.  So how is it that the Sun doesn’t drive the climate?  On what planet does she live?  Obviously not on this planet nor is she located near anything remotely close to reality. 

Of course, again, the hardcore leftist will still believe anything the IPCC and Al Gore puts out.  It’s amazing to see how they’ve stacked the deck as these scandals keep on coming.  It must be the same skill they used to sell woodrow wilson off as a civil rights hero, which most assurdly he was not.