North American concert tours are grinding to a hault because of low ticket sales.  This would make sense since ticket prices are outragiously priced.  Our economy is sick and I don’t see it getting any better than it is right now.  In fact, I can see it getting worse.  I was telling everyone that reads my blog that Obama was a economic disaster waiting to happen and I even said we’d have high unemployment ontop of the economic disaster.  I said it even BEFORE the General Election yet certain portion of the population felt I was a racist republican.

So now that the Liberal Messiah has lost Babs (Barbara Streisand) and she’s speaking out on the economic downfall people are probably saying she’s a deep thinker as opposed to me the racist republican.  Those stereotypes are so off kilter that it’s not even funny anymore.  The left are the only people using these stereotypes anymore which proves they are not deep thinkers.  Surprisingly enough, the dean of Harrrrvard business school is even speaking out about the economy.  I guess both him and Streisand stopped drinking the Obama Koolaid long enough to take a look around.  Hell, I should get a honorary masters degree for predicting this outcome long before people went to the poles.  I was talking about how bad the economy and unemployment would be before Limbaugh and Hannity started talking about it.  You can read this story here.  You are more than welcome to look through my blog and see what I said before the election and both of these predictions are there.