I actually laughed when I saw her crying before the judge.  Primarily, all she had to do was call a cab to pick her drunk ass up instead of attempting to drive while she was intoxicated and on drugs.  The judge cut her a break when they ordered her to stop drinking and report to alcohol classes.  That’s all she had to do and she managed to screw that up.  In her world, she’s a princess and she’s entitled to that lifestyle.  In reality, she’s the arrogant jerk that gets people killed by her actions and it’s never her fault.  If this had happened to me, you, or anybody else not famous, we’d probably would have gone to jail in the first place so she did get a “Special” Deal.

Maybe this will be her awakening to the fact that she needs to change her life majorily.  She’s got the means and there is absolutely no excuse for her to endanger other people’s lives because she feels she is entitled to drink and drive and get away with it.  She could have called a taxi or a limo service.  In the end, she’s getting what she deserves.  She probably should have gotten more time than 90 days just for having FU painted on her nails trying to be a smartass.  I’ve often referred to liberals like Lindsay Lohan as the young and the useless because they are their own little soap opera.  They go out and sabatoge their own lives on a daily basis but it’s never their fault.  Please!!!   She’s an adult and needs to start acting like one.  If she’s unsure how to act like an adult, I’d be more than willing to give her a crash course…military style of course!  Hey, I’d do it for free.  I’ll guarantee her two weeks with me will be more painful than a year with her therapist in Hollywood cause I’d start out asking questions like “Do you actually think these laws exempt you?”  “Why would you think they don’t apply to you?” “Do you even know why we have laws against this in the first place?”  “Why do you think the judge should show you any consideration when you clearly violated the court order?”  “Do you think you were cute with FU printed on your nails?” “Do you actually think it was smart to flash your FU nails at the judge and everyone in the court room?”  I’ll admit that I’m a hardass and my kids will be the first to tell you that I am.