First off, I’d like to thank Marc Morano (Climate Depot) for giving me permission to use his picture of Michael Mann wearing a numbers cook chef hat.  Keep this picture in mind when I start addressing his fraudulent hockey stick graph.

Alarmists contend that CO2 traps heated air on earth.  However, this is not a totally honest depiction because under the right conditions, CO2 can trap cool air too.  Yet this is one fact that neither the left nor the warmers want you to know.  CO2 acts like a modifier to whatever the climate is doing at that particular moment in time.  In the winter, it could have a cooling effect.

Physicists Ralf D. Tscheuschner and Gerhard Gerlich say that the “Greenhouse effect” has no consensus to back it up.  They also say “The greenhouse hypothesis has been disproven by the law of physics.”

How much CO2 is man responsible for?  I’m an honest man so I will take the high road and quote the high figure and that’s 3%.  Now 3% is a very small amount and Mother Nature deposits the other 97%.  In reality, that’s about the size of a pimple on Rosie O’Donnel’s big butt.

However, the UK’s numbers are 0.28%.

I think that man’s contribution is blown way out of proportion in the Man-made Global Warming debate.  Hell we could cut our carbon footprints down to 0 and CO2 would still be high.  I really don’t think 3% makes that BIG of a difference one way or another.  However, we’ve lowered our CO2 a couple of years in a row due to more efficient cars and appliances.

Al Gore in his documentary, attempted to mislead people by insinuating that greenhouse gases (CO2) drive climate when it’s actually the other way around.  Climate drives greenhouse gases.

All of the warmists dismiss what John Christy says but here’s a quote I believe.  He says that there is so much about the climate that we don’t understand.  You have to understand there are so many systems driving climate that science hasn’t really gotten a grasp on everything yet.  We know quite a bit but there are other drivers of climate that we have yet to understand.

Crap and Tax will do absolutely nothing to fix the problem.  In fact, I’ve got $100 that says it will create more problems than it fixes.  The only two things Crap and Tax will do is create a new slush fund for the greedy politicians to spend and it will start a war on the poor people and people on fixed incomes.  Why does the liberal messiah hate poor people so much?

Liberals have a long history of creating 3 or more new problems while trying to fix one problem.  Don’t believe me, look up prohibition.  Crap and Tax will finish decimating whatever positive economy we have.

Look how successful Germany’s Crap and Tax was.

Crap and Tax is a failed policy no matter where it’s been tried.  Spain says for every green job they created, it killed 2.2 jobs.  Only a complete idiot would think that they can make it work…in walks the liberal messiah.  Who thinks that only he can make it work because the others were so incompetent compared to him and his leadership abilities.  (Trying to keep from doubling over and laughing on the floor after saying this.)

Al Gore and the IPCC in his documentary attempts to mislead the public by saying 2,500 scientists agree with the man-made global warming theory.  In fact, they have several dozen experts that agree not 2,500 like Al Gore says.  The rest of the 2,500 are green activists not scientists.  Leftists continually say scientists which is not correct.  They never let the truth get in the way of their good story or their agenda.

Medieval Warming Period was warmer than the climate we have today.  If you remember back to the Climategate emails, they mentioned hiding the decline and how they hated this period of time because it’s hard to get people riled up when the earth was over 4 degrees warmer than it is today BEFORE we started using fossil fuels.  This leads us to Michael Mann and his fraudulent hockey stick chart.  If your study shows inaccurate data, you have an obligation to stay true to science and science says this period existed the hockey stick is dishonest no matter how you prefer to look at it.

The other argument the warmists and the left have engaged in is talking about how new organisms will appear if the temperature warms up and how they will create new problems but this article determines that all of the same organisms existed during the medieval warming period as exists today.

More evidence that the medieval warming period existed in Greenland.

Al Gore mentioned the hockey stick chart (AR4) in his documentary.  Michael Mann used tree ring data which was not reliable to make the hockey stick chart.  The Medieval Warming Period is much documented so we know it happened yet his tree ring data did not show that it happened.  His data did not pass the common sense test but he submitted it anyways.  Now to his credit, he has stated that they never should have used this as much as they did but he still showed 0 integrity when he made the hockey stick graph.  In essence, he’s a numbers cook.  The medieval warming period presents a problem for the warmists.  This period is BEFORE man started using oil and creating a carbon footprint and it was 4 degrees warmer than today.  You can’t make a case for man-made global warming if the Medieval warming period exists and was warmer than today.  So Michael Mann released his study hoping to rewrite climate history while hoping nobody would have noticed his dishonesty.

Michael Mann continuously refused to share his work with Steve McIntyre therefore he committed a crime by denying him access to his work which clearly fell under Freedom of Information Act because GOVERNMENT FUNDS were used to fund his study.  You don’t have to guess, the Liberal Messiah won’t go after him for his refusal to provide his work under the Freedom of Information Act request.  Mann did not want McIntyre to have access to his work because he knew that his work would not withstand scrutiny.  He, in fact, had something to hide.

Oh I’m just getting started on dishonesty so please bear with me.  NASA is the liberal standard for temperature data yet even they got it wrong.  They attempted to say that 1998 was the warmest year on record.  Steve McIntyre had to correct them because apparently NASA lost their temperature data.  The correct answer is 1934.  See the above video they explain this too.  In the climategate emails you clearly see that all of the scientists involved had such a low opinion of McIntyre but according to the guy who investigated the claims, it’s Microsoft’s fault that these scientists were calling McIntyre names not the scientists.

It should come as no surprise that there were many more climate monitoring stations in the 70’s than there are today.  Guess which stations were deleted?  If you guessed the ones located in the coldest spots in the US, you’d be right.  So soon as we got down to 700 plus stations is about the same time we started hearing how man’s CO2 levels was causing warming.  Now if you delete the coldest stations then you give the appearance that the globe is warming.  There was a link to this story on but I can’t find it because it’s fallen off the page due to newer stories.

Here is a list of scandals that have erupted so far with the exception of Judithgate.  Judith is the one solar physist that is part of the IPCC.  Guess who peer reviewed her work?  She did.  Golly, wouldn’t you love to have a job that you were able to verify and authenticate your own work?  You’d never hear the words; you made a mistake would you?

Speaking of Judith, apparently she should go back to school because there are other scientists out there saying that solar activity is causing the lack of warming.  Mexican Geophysicist Victor Manuel Velasco Herrara believes 60-80 year long cold spell has begun triggered by a decrease in solar activity

Yet there are even more scientists saying the same thing.

Back to Al Gore’s documentary, another recurring theme in his work is the word peer reviewed.  Here is a leftist talking about the peer review process and how unreliable it can be.

Another of Al’s warnings in his documentary is saying that the Arctic and Antarctica would melt.  He claims that global warming is responsible for the melting but here is a different opinion.

As of this year, here are the realities of the Arctic.  They discovered thick new ice as they probed Arctic.

Also there has been ice buildup in Antarctica.  So warmists, where is the warming?

Also here is an article talking about South Africa’s cold problems.

Global average sea temperatures are continuing to plunge.

The whole man-made global warming argument is causing some scientists to sign up for the climate scientist register.  Obviously, they haven’t found the claims of the theory credible enough to sign on to support it.

Fallout from Climategate:  Most logical people realized that any of the investigations into climategate would be a whitewash.  It was like balls on a Christmas tree, they were there for show only.  They had no purpose other than to clear these scientists so that they can resume their deception and cooking the numbers.

They didn’t even investigate all of the emails that showed deception.  I say that because Phil Jones mentions deleting email evidence then claiming that he did not delete anything.  Common sense tells me this is a lie.  How many scandals, lies, and laws must these idiots tell before everyone says hold the phones, this isn’t right?  How many scandals, lies, and laws must these idiots break?  How many times must we ignore their lies before we start ignoring everything else they have to say?  There is an old saying that should ring true today as it ever did.  “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  Throughout this post, I’ve shown where we’ve been fooled more than once.  Hell, I’ve shown where we’ve been fooled multiple times yet there are some out that there who just don’t get it.  If science has to rely on dishonesty, bullying, name calling, and blacklists to perpetuate their science then how scientific is their science?

More articles on this so-called blacklist.

IPCC Authors have decided to violate the mission of the IPCC, by presenting disinformation.  Does this surprise anyone?

Alarmists are Desperate…Nobody is listening to them–Skewed-propagandized-and-presented-intellectually-dishonest-and-shallow-polling-analysis-KrosnickStanfordedu

They don’t want an intellectual discussion because they say the science has been settled.  That’s how they attempt to shut up the critics.  It’s like saying that you didn’t debate the science when it was open for discussion so you are not going to discuss it now.  As far as I know Science should always be up for debate.  Especially if new studies come out that dispute the old studies based on new scientific evidence.–Shouldnt-we-start-punishing-them-now

Here are some links that are laughable at best, at worst, they are nuttier than fruitcake.  My favorite is all of the alarmists attempting to say when we’ll reach the tipping point.  That article is not based on science, it’s based on whatever the person’s agenda is that is spewing the nonsense.  Obviously, they didn’t get together to come up with one lie to tell us as there are numerous claims and no 2 are alike.–Despite-fact-that-UN-began-10Year-Climate-Tipping-Point-in-1989

Alarmists are nasty individuals who don’t like to lose the argument.  So if you have science on your side, why the personal attacks?  Not even this study is right.  I don’t have any of these and I’m skeptical.  About my kids, my daughter is a corporate lawyer in Dallas and my son is a school teacher in Denton.  If this attempt at a study is any indication, I’m sure the exact opposite is true.  It’s not the skeptics; it’s the alarmists that are plagued with these attributes.

Say What?  After Wishing Skeptics would rub asbestos on their faces, UN IPCC’s Pachauri Now Declares he is not deaf to skeptics; says IPCC should welcome vigorous debate.  This is about right for a idiot that does not have science on his side to say after he’s just had his @ss handed to him in a couple of scandals.  Pachauri has changed gears and is attempting to play the part of the compassionate tolerant leftist.  It’s not working though because we all know what he said in the first damn place.

My final thoughts:

I think climate change is natural based on the MWP.  This period of history proves that the warming is natural because it happened before we started using oil.  In fact, it was 4 degrees higher than our warmest year on record.  I’d probably change my mind if we were to go beyond the 4 degrees and dip into 8 degrees beyond the high temperatures of the MWP.  We haven’t so I have to believe that this is natural.  I refuse to believe that 3 percent is enough to start telling us we need to change the way we live.

I’d go as far as to say a lot of the scientific dishonesty happens while they are trying to force the pieces to fit together.  They are desperate to prove they are right even when the science that we know won’t prop up their theory.  I believe that the science we don’t know will not prop up their theory either.  I don’t believe the universities were capable of doing a fair impartial investigation because who gets these research dollars?  The universities do of course.  Do you think they are willing to stop the gravy train from stopping at their university?  Their prime motive for whitewashing the climategate emails is more government funding.

That being said, I think it’s a sham to expect citizens around the world to pay a carbon tax when the science has not been settled nor has it been debated.  At the same time, I think it’s dishonest to kill the debate the way the warmists have by threatening scientific journals to suppress the debate.  It’s also dishonest and mean spirited to threaten to ruin careers because they refuse to carry the water for either side.  These are nazi-like tactics to kill scientific impartiality and dissent.

Warmists are so desperate they are out there making stupid and ludicrous statements about global warming.  One alarmist attempted to say that CO2 killed the former KKK Klansman, Senator Robert Byrd.  No, I hate to correct someone who was educated beyond their ability but life itself killed Senator Byrd.  Another was out there saying that Man-made global warming will be responsible for rape, kidnappings, and wars.  It’s bad enough that these idiots get caught and the first thing they say is that they were abused but now we’ll have to listen to global warming made me do it.  Are you serious?  Is that something like the devil made me do it?  Tell me what in the hell this is?  Really, you’re making leaps that neither Robby nor Evil Kneivel could have made.  Its stupid comments like these that denigrate any scientific credibility you ever had why would you do something so stupid?

Also another thing that denigrates any and all scientific credibility you ever had is refusing to share your work with skeptics.  It fuels the debate when you refuse to share Freedom of Information Act Requests by skeptics.  If your work is sooooo scientific why wouldn’t you share your work with them?  Unless you’re using a desperate non-scientific method to make your case.  By accepting government dollars, you are saying that any work you did will be accessible to everyone including skeptics.  If you’re totally against that, then by all means do not accept any government funding and then you have every right to keep that data to yourself.

Al Gore’s documentary, should be titled things that COULD happen but haven’t.  There is not one shred of evidence that any of Al Gore’s predictions has come true.  Not one!

  1.  The polar bear population is thriving.  We haven’t had any polar bears drown yet.
  2. His hardcore evidence is the hockey stick and it’s been proved wrong yet they still use it.
  3. The arctic ice is doing fine.
  4. Antarctica ice is growing by leaps and bounds.
  5. The Netherlands has not gone 40% underwater.
  6. The Maldives has not sunken.
  7. We haven’t list Florida yet due to flooding.
  8. We haven’t lost California yet.  Although I’m disappointed that the area that Al Gore bought his new mansion in hasn’t gone underwater.  I’m sure it will be a Carbon Nightmare once he moves in.  In a way, this is the same as California getting a stimulus check.
  9. Al Gore said that CO2 drives climate and we’ve found out that it is the other way around.

The inconvenient truth Al is that none of your claims are anywhere near coming true.  So instead of truth, your video shows science fiction.  It would make a great movie but it’s nowhere near the truth.  In fact, Al Gore couldn’t tell the truth if F. E. Bailey personally notarized his tongue.  Liberals like to say follow the money, well I’ve done that and Al Gore has everything to gain in the global warming debate.  He’ll become a carbon Billionaire.  The question everyone should be asking is “Does Al Gore really believe his bullshit?”  The answer is no, he doesn’t.  He takes a private plane everywhere he goes.  He has higher electricity bills than 90% of the population.  While giving a speech, his car is running cooling or heating the inside of the car.  We wouldn’t want Al to get a temperature would we?  He virtually lives like he doesn’t believe his own bullshit.  Al Gore even had an oopsie moment while at Copenhagen.  Apparently Al made up a number of years on a prediction and got called on it by the source.

In fact, none of these co-called scientist believe their own bullshit because there were so many private jets at the Copenhagen conference that they almost shut down the airport trying to fit them all in.  So for all us little people, we should take a public plane while those big wigs take private jets around because their work is that damn important?  Really?  That’s like me telling you that you need to quit smoking while I’m smoking.  Not exactly a credible thing now is it?  I would have about as much credibility as Michael Mann using his hockey stick graph…!  This movement is so full of this kind of rhetoric.  Now they are asking us to stop using Air Conditioning.  Right, as soon as I see you completely get rid of your Air Conditioner and heater first.  Then again, you’d have to be my neighbor first because I’d think you reinstalled yours after uninstalling it to satisfy me.  I’d have to see 24/7 that you don’t have any either.  By the way, I live in West Texas so logically if you were a resident, the last thing you’d do is get rid of your Air Conditioner.

Michael Mann doesn’t know when to shut up and that’s a good thing.  Evidently he thinks the world isn’t laughing at his work and they still believe that their SUV is causing the planet to warm.  Makes for a good bedtime story but doesn’t hold any water.  The truth of the matter is that every time the public is asked to put topics in order, Global warming finished dead last.  First was jobs and economy.  It’s ironic that people say jobs and economy because crap and tax will not allow either one of those to get fixed.

We have a president who is betting against his party in the November elections because that’s how he intends on getting everything he wants.  Since people won’t get re-elected, he’s using that as a reason to push his most unpopular bills like Cap and Trade, card check, healthcare legislation, and immigration.