Obama and his administration have been having lots of problems in the courtroom and 100% of his failures are because of his radical ideology.  He started out his presidency wheeling the program that have failed everywhere they have been tried and is trying to implement them.  Oh he wants such programs as cap and tax (Ask spain and germany how these programs have failed), single payer healthcare (Ask British and Canadian citizens how well these programs are working), killing the oil and natural coal industry, etc.

Take the BP oil spill for instance, this has backfired on them terribly.  Obama was hoping that he could ignore the oil spill and use that as a reason to institute crap and tax which is costing him dearly.  There’s no question that Obama dropped the ball on Louisianna.  He could have brought together the greatest minds together to solve the problem instead he brought in a bunch of professors and others who had no practical application towards stopping an oil spill.  The Obama administration has illegally attempted a drilling moritorium two times.  Both times, his ban was beat down in a court of law.  The Obama administration is using this to kill jobs in Louisianna.  So now he’s decimating the economy of Louisianna making it much worse because as we speak, the companies have moved drilling rigs elsewhere to work.

I have no doubt that if his Obamacare bill was taken into the court system he’d lose yet again because the government has no authority to tell citizens that they need to buy anything….much less healthcare.  I’m predicting that Obamacare will fail as soon as the courts get ahold of it. 

Illegall immigration suit against Arizona, Obama will lose his @ss yet again.  Several states have already filed a brief in favor of Arizona stating that Federal and State have a responsiblity to jointly enforce the law when it comes to our borders.  Obama does not want to secure the border because he feels he loses a bargining chip but at the same time he doesn’t want Arizona to enforce it either.  Obama has a responsibility to law abiding citizens and he’s falling short because of his political ideology.  Arizona has become the kidnapping capital of the world yet they are doing absolutely nothing to fix it.  Obama doesn’t care about anything but his agenda.  The sooner the idiots figure this out the sooner we can get this country fixed and on the RIGHT path to recovery.

Obama’s stimulus was a disaster.  It hasn’t really created or saved any jobs like Joe Biden says it has.  In fact, the majority of the stimulus money is to be spent during the presidential election in 2012.  Voters need to ask themselves some very basic questions and answer them honestly.

How has hope and change fixed

a.  The economy.  It hasn’t, the economy is worse off than before.  Government expanded and created a few jobs but it hasn’t fixed the economy.

b.  Unemployment.  Obama is killing jobs faster than he’s fixing the problems.  Crap and Tax will kill jobs and in the presidents own words, “Utility bills will necessarily skyrocket under my plan.” 

c.  The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The liberal messiah has done nothing to fix Afghanistan and Iraq.  He’s made it so that soldiers who are under fire cannot fire back.  This is insane!!!!!!  It’s no wonder we’re seeing more casualties because of his reckless policies.

d.  Iran.  He’s willing to meet with Iranian leaders with no pre-conditions yet he refuses to go on Foxnews and take hard questions.  You have got to be kidding me!!  Meanwhile they are set to have nuclear weapons by this time next year.  What has the president done?  He’s getting rid of our Nuclear weapons. 

e.  Homeland Security.  We’ve been so lucky it’s not been funny in this area.  The underwear bomber almost blew up a plane and he would have if the passengers hadn’t acted swiftly.  The times square bomber would have blown the whole area off the map if the public hadn’t reported it.  This is scary stuff. 

f.  Healthcare.  He single handedly made sure healthcare costs go up for everyone with his ill advised Obamacare bill.  Congress attempted to go after companies when they submitted their reports on healthcare costs and what this lovely piece of crap bill wouold do to their budgets.  Henry Waxman had to be called back because he felt the companies were lying but it was him who was lying about the costs going down.

I see us being worse off after the Liberal Messiah has had his 4 years in office.  I do not see him garnering the majority vote in 2012 unless he can take care of the inconveinent undocumented voter problem.  Obama is actively seeking to give amnesty to all of the illegal immigrants by by-passing the congress and senate to do it.  He has a lame duck strategy to pass the rest of his agenda that nobody wants to support.  If he’s allowed to, we’ll have crap and tax, amnesty for illegals, card check, another Obamacare bill, and other toxic items because otherwise no sane politician would pass such bullshit.  The only reason some would vote for it is because they were voted out of office.  Primarily I think we need to remind them that after the elections they are headed back home to the very citizens they’ve screwed.

Rush Limbaugh has it right when he refers to the Obama administration as a regime.  The majority of citizens opposed Obamacare and he still passed it.  He’s working against the will of the people and he’ll likely pay a heavy price for his transgressions when it comes time to go to the ballot box for his job.