I was talking to my Filipino co-worker and she’s upset that Imelda Marcos is running for president in the Philippines and winning in all of the polls.  I told her that I can sum that up in one world…ignorance.  Most of them don’t have a clue as to how bad Ferdinand Marcos’ regime really were.  They didn’t have to live through it and didn’t have to attemt to survive during it.  The older folks know but they are dying off.  Marcos left the Philippines in December 1989, right about 21 years ago.  Another variable in this equation is that the leftists in the Philippines have did the same number on the Marcos family as they did on Woodrow Wilson.  Nobody has really explained to me how the biggest racist president ever suddenly has minority scholarships named after him.  I digress but I’d love to hear a liberal attempt to spin that answer.

It’s pretty much the same way that Liberals see Chairman mao se tung, Che, Fidel Castro, etc.  These men were all psyochopath murderers yet the left have this romantic view of what they did.  They convienently didn’t notice how many people died while these madmen advanced their agenda.  Hell Mao starved off a lot of his citizens.  Something else I find hard to understand is how liberals believe that these guys were saints yet when you look into their dictatorships, the citizens LOST liberties under these regines.  It’s wird isn’t it?  I mean it’s strange how liberals love these guys yet they were murdeous psychopaths.