Ed Markey has said something profound and stupid.  He says that everyone (4 Million?) that says his religion is bullshit should live on an Iceberg 4 miles.  I’ll tell you what Ed, there are a lot of people that says your religion is bullshit and I’d go as far to say that they are the MAJORITY.  I think it would be fair to take all of you warmist out there on that iceberg until you see the reality of your situation.  The science has been debated in the arena of public opinion and your side is losing.  Even Germany has pulled away from the bullshit known as man-made climate change and they were the top ones pushing your agenda.

If they are saying 2010 has been the warmist on record then I want some of whatever your ding bats are taking because I’m having back problems and the stuff they gave me isn’t as good as what your on.  Whaaa the east coast is on fire?  Really?  I remember a time when west Texas was 100+ for at least 1 – 1 1/2 months on of the summer and we haven’t had that.  Hell we have not even been close to that.

Yeah I know Ed, you’re a sore loser and you won’t let a small thing like the truth or facts get in the way of your good story.  Climate Scientists have cooked the numbers and have gotten caught cooking those numbers end of story.  NEVER in the history of science has so many scandals broken out over a theory that turned out to be true.  The sad fact is that new scandals are coming out weekly.  Take a look at what the latest scandals are, click here.  Maybe we should sweeten the pot a little Ed.  Put some careers on the line.  I think we should push everyone that is found to have cooked numbers to be kicked out of the climate science community and have their careers ruined instead of allowing them to continue to commit Fraud against the taxpayers.  All of their studies should be killed as the result because if they lied about numbers once, they probably did it several times.  You can’t trust a liar so their work should be removed from the plate.  Have you got the balls for that Ed?  Probably not, you’re a liberal politician and absolutely spineless.  We should have a team of scientists go through EVERY study.  This means that there will be adequate representation on this team.  They WILL NOT BE STACKED!!!!!!  It should consist of 2 warmist and 2 deniers.  By the way, the hockey stick has to go.  It was bullshit from the start and shows your side has no moral ethics or integrity.  Now the team must be given bite to force cooperation.  So let’s say that if Phil Jones refuses to turn over his work to the team then Phil Jones should have his career ruined.  After that, let’s see how fast some of these fraudsters backtrack and when they do, they should pay a price for it career wise.  Your side has too much acceptance for screw ups.  You want to be serious, then prove it.  I’ll assure you, you will immediately start seeing a difference in your scientists when they find out that you are serious.  We’ll cut out the snake oil salesmen out of government funding and we’ll stop letting fraudsters teach in colleges if they are found to lack moral ethics or scientific integrity.

We all know that Ed won’t go for this.  Liberalism as well as man-made global warming have a lot in common.  They are both based more on feel than facts.  The left will not win public acceptance of their theory  because there is a doubt about how much of the junk science is real and how much of it is smoke and mirrors.  Make no mistake, I may take man-made global warming more serious if I see Al Gore taking public transportation instead of private jets or when I see an environmental meeting go off without private jets being taken to where they are being held.  Also I’d better not see where they are reporting a limo shortage for their meeting.  I want to hear how these degenerates are taking public transportation.  Until then, all warmists can screw off!  Until then, don’t preach to me about how my 10 times smaller than Al Gore carbon footprint is killing the planet.  I don’t want to listen to that crap. 

If you look at the total CO2 content of the atmosphere, man accounts for 3 percent of it.  That’s like a pimple on the sizable butt of Rosie O’Donnell.  Let’s make another analogy that Democrats seem to get.  If your diet consisted of only 3% of things that weren’t good for you, most would say you have a pretty good diet.  The amount of CO2 that man produces is so small so miniscule that it cannot have a profound effect on the climate by itself.  Mother nature produces the other 97% of the CO2.  Even if man produced 0% that still would not be enough to stop anything.  The loons are out there protesting 3% produced by man as unnatural yet mother nature is the prevalent producer.  Mankind could die out all together and mother nature will keep producing CO2.  I think these so-called scientists should stop wasting everybody’s time trying to make us feel bad about CO2 and figure out how to lower mother natures CO2 within reason.