Just when I sort of had a little respect for Director James Cameron he backs out like a coward.  James challenged 3 of the leading global warming skeptics to a debate, made lots of demands on the debate then backed out like a little b*tch in the end.  Come on James, you said you’d debate them?  What happened?  You probably doubted the science and came to your senses.  Why else would you back out of a debate?

Apparently this thing has been changed several times over the last few weeks.  James was supposed to meet Andrew Breitbart, Marc Morano, and Ann McElhinney to debate man-made global warming fact or fiction.  However, James waited until Marc Morano was mid-air before he cancelled the debate.  Really James, it is an act of cowardice to cancel a debate that people had to give up something for your benefit to attend.  They went round and round over media coverage.  Apparently James didn’t want to look like a jackass on the 5 O’Clock news.  Well backing out of a debate after everyone allowed you to have your spoiled b*tch little way makes you look like a jackass reguardless if the media heard the debate or not.

I’ve actually corresponded with Marc Morano and honestly, he seemed like a very nice guy.  I can’t imagine what made James wet his depends over the debate.  You can read the full story here.