Absolutely no one that I know is saying that it is illegal for them to put a mosque a couple of blocks away from where the trade center was attacked.  What is being said is it isn’t going to help a damn thing because it’s interpreted as them putting a thumb in our eye.  Everyone I know says they are well within their rights to build wherever they want.  However, there is a bigger issue here at play.  The idiot that wants to open the mosque isn’t exactly a good citizen of the US.  He’s made some outlandish comments about the US while he lives here.  He wants Sharia law and everyone who’s read my blog at least once knows where I sit on this.  If you want Sharia law, take your ass back to where you came from end of story.  If you’re a US citizen from birth, go live some place that has Sharia law.  Don’t expect everyone else in this country to give in to you. 

Now that Mosque creates a problem when you take the guy who wants to build this mosque into context.  He doesn’t believe Hamas is a terror organization.  Building this mosque will not heal anything, it will make it worse.  Plane parts from the attacks punched through the roof of the building where they want to build the mosque.  So the argument it’s a couple of blocks away from the area where the world trade center was attacked holds no weight.  This is the equivalent of letting a white supremacist group buy the property where the Nazi’s killed jews.  How much “HEALING” do you think would happen if that were to happen?  Trust me, everyone knows that not all Muslims are terrorists but strangely enough all terrorists are Muslims.  So we have this mosque going up in an inappropriate place (Couple of blocks from ground zero).  If they truly wanted to heal the public’s opinion, they would never have attempt to build the mosque that close to ground zero.  I have to stand with the families of the victims of 9/11 and say while it’s legally right, it’s not morally right to put a new mosque in that location.

Yes I know liberals are going to call me a islamaphobe and intolerant to other religions but they (Liberals) have absolutely zero credibility on the subject.  We all know they’d have opposed a Christian church in the same place as where they want to build the mosque.  Most liberals attempt to deny that this country was founded on the principle of freedom of religion.  Liberals have fought hard to get rid of the world war II memorial that the ACLU wants to get rid of because it was a cross.  Yet these same morons want us to believe we’re islamaphobes and we’re intolerant towards the Muslim Religion.