Everyone seems to admit unsecure borders are a problem yet this is exactly why they won’t fix the problem.  The feel the money is better spent on global *Expletive* warming or any of the liberals 30,000 programs we can’t afford.  Look, Obama is on vacation instead of fixing the problem because if he fixes the problem he feels he won’t get everything he wants in his immigration bill.

Newsflash:  An open border presents a problem when you have Mexican cartels  consorting with Al Quaeda just over the border.  Liberals attempt to paint people who want the borders controlled as racists.  Clearly this is a loophole that Al Quaeda can exploit.  Not everyone who crosses the Mexican border is coming for a better life.  Liberals (in general) clearly make the problem worse because the majority of them support the local illegal drug trade.  Personally, I’m all for LEGAL immigration and firmly against ILLEGAL immigration.  The Mexican president can kiss my ass due to his criticism of me.  Why doesn’t any of the media have the damn cajonnes to mention what Mexico does to enforce their southern border?  What Mexico does on it’s southern border is much worse than what I’d like to do with our southern border.

The sad fact is that liberals want illegal immigration because the drugs being sold in their area isn’t as good as what crosses our southern border.  Well they also like the opportunity to deflect racism claims on the Republican party.  It’s how they have rewritten history because racism was entwined into the Democrat party and in some places it’s still there.

It’s no big secret that right now most towns on the border have violence crossing the border on a daily basis.  We’ve had problems where illegal immigrants have raped underage kids yet nobody on the left seems to care about the problems that come with illegals.  Arizona has the reputation of being the capital of kidnapping because it happens so often there.  Also the cartels use their border escort service to bring in illegal immigrants into the country for the sole purpose of slavery and human trafficking.  In a wird sort of way, liberals are giving cover, condoning, and giving comfort to the Mexican slave trade and they call Republicans racists.  Most liberals aren’t smart enough to understand that even if we had a better immigration process the slave trade will continue anyway.