Ok Obama cult like supporters, where in the hell is a decision from your liberal messiah?  It’s been how long since the Fort Hood Shootings?    It will be exactly one year on November the 5th this year.  Still Obama administration is fighting to keep the report away from the Armed Forces Committee who only wants to make changes in military security and policies to prevent this from happening again!  You’d think our POS president would want the same thing however, he’s leaving the door wide open for it to happen yet again.  He probably feels that US servicemen deserve such attacks at home base where it’s literally like shooting fish in a barrel because contrary to popular belief, troops are unarmed when at home base.  So if someone brings in a gun and starts shooting, there is absolutely nothing that can be done.  People will die yet our president seems unconcerned about this happening again.  Apparantly, repealing don’t ask don’t tell is MORE important than protecting the troops back at home base.  How about new laws on the books to help deter such attacks?  Nothing has been done.  Most of us have relatives in the military and this issue is important to you.  I served 20 years and my son served 6 years while my nephew is still in the military and I worry about him.

I would be saying the same thing if a white leftist was elected because leftist hate the military first and foremost because they are 100% against war even when it is warranted.  They hate all things military.  Leftists were out there saying POS Nidahl Hassan was suffering from post trama stress disorder when in fact POS Nidahl Hassan had never served in a war zone.  In fact, why do you think they only have POS Nidahl Hassan on murder charges and not any other charges?  I’m telling you right now, he should have been charged with treason, subversion, sedition, murder, attempted murder, and bringing illegal firearms onto a military installation.  He is in fact guilty of all of those offenses yet our incompetent commander-in-chief has done nothing to prevent further attacks on military installations involving muslim soldiers who are siding with Al Qaeda against our country.

Another sad fact is that leftists don’t want to prevent such stuff because deep down they are on the side of Al Quaeda.  So again, I’m not surprised our procrastinator-in-chief hasn’t done anything at all to help protect troops because that’s who the left are.  Most leftists aren’t intelligent enough to understand that the president and congress is responsible for declaring wars not the military.  The military are told to shut up and follow orders.  Your average leftist blames the military for wars when the sad reality here is that most military personnel pray for peace instead of war because they have the most to lose in a war.  Most leftists subscribe to nutty conspiracy theories that somehow the military went rouge and declared war on countries and that their politicians never really had anything to do with it.  It’s asenine to believe such stupid stuff.

Again, it’s almost been one full year and our president hasn’t seen enough  to declare it a terrorist attack but he can say within a few minutes that the boston police department acted stupidly with less information on that incident than we have about POS Major Nidahl Hassan.