I heard Robert Gibbs out there a few days ago claiming there is a civil war in the Republican Party and that is incorrect.  Like everything else, Gibbs has this twisted.  Every Republican that has been defeated by another Republican was not exactly someone who followed conservative republican ideals.  These were Liberal Republicans.  This is a oxymoron because there is no such thing as a Liberal Republican.  They are liberal first which makes them a Liberal period end of story. 

Right now the Republicans are purging all of the Liberal Republicans out of the party.  Mike Castle was a Liberal Republican.  He may as well have been caucasing with the Democrats.  Lisa Murkowski is the same thing.  Both politicians were purged by their constituents because they did not represent the kind of politician they wanted.  In fact both politicians have blamed talk radio for their not being re-elected but the sad fact is that these two haven’t done nothing for the people they represent and have been knocked out of office for it.  These two have joined the Obama administration in spending worse than drunken sailors.  The Tea party has been very good at ridding us of these politicians from the Republican party.  They do so to the point that the Republicans have put forth people like Lisa Murkowski and the Tea party has put forth it’s own candidate not necessarily the same candidate as the Republican party and won.