If indeed climate change is real then it escapes me why scientists have to cook the numbers so much.  You’d think the truth would be enough but are you getting the truth?  Absolutely not!  All temperature data from 1990 on they have added .05 degrees Farenheidt or more to the temperatures recorded by the thermometer.  You can read the article here.  I’ve maintained in the past that this movement was based on lies and exaggerated data and I’ve had some of the mindless numbots on here arguing with me.  Once again, I’ve been proved right and they have been proved to be either liars or victims of a lie.

This is extremely important to know since the liberal messiah wants to pass crap and tax during his lame duck session.  He wants you to pay for a lie and he’ll go out and attempt to justify his position but there is no justification.  He’s using the lie of Climate Change to bilk us for more money so he can have even more of our hard earned tax dollars to spend.  I swear to god, the liberal messiah could give my wife a run for her money when it comes to spending money.  Liberals are so attached to the lie that they go around saying that Republicans are at war with science.  Excuse me if I correct them, I am not at war with science.  I’m at war with scientists who have cooked the books to make their case.  There is nothing absolutely scientific about adding .05 or more to the temperature data.  It’s dishonest, it shows a lack of integrity, and most of all there is absolutely nothing scientific about it.  It’s like having a foot on the back of the scales as you try to find out how much you weigh.  Of course nobody in the administration is willing to go after these liars because they are all out there trying to change the name of it so the public will digest it easier. 

I’m sure there are honest scientists out there who are unaware of the dishonesty.  For those guys, I wouldn’t go after them but I certainly think that scientists out there using dishonesty for science should be ruined financially and have their careers ruined for adding .05 Farenheidt to the temperature data.