Clearly you can see how bad these people need mental health counseling.  Apparently, they aren’t happy scientist’s dastardly deeds have been exposed.  Such things as adding 0.5 to the thermometer reading or more, attempting to act like the Medevil Warming Period does not exist, and attempting to make us think that 3% human generated CO2 is going to end the world when the truth is that our 3% on the world would resemble a pimple on Rosie O’Donnell’s big butt.  The truth is that the idiots have been caught doing some dishonest things, saying dishonest things, and attempting to bilk taxpayers out of millions of dollars.  Yet when caught, nobody goes to jail.  That’s pretty amazing considering we’ve gone after others for less than that.  This is their lousy attempt to fear monger everyone back into compliance because they are too stupid to know when the scam has run it’s course.  The big money pulled out of the movement when they found out the IPCC was going to get their butts handed to them by a inspection team.  They produced this advertisement, in bad taste, because they are desperate to revive the dead corpse known as man-made global warming. 

This video shows how nazi like the movement really is.  They believe that people who don’t believe in their fairytale should be killed off.  I believe these scientists should be tried for fraud.  They are attempting to commit fraud against the government and the citizens and they should be locked up with big Bubba.