Apparantly, the liberal messiah has massaged the unemployment numbers to fool everyone into believing it’s not as bad as it really was.  How can you honestly sit there and tell me you believe any statistics released by the government now that we’ve found out that they lied to us?  It’s the liberal way to lie about it, just look at the global warming debate and how they massaged the numbers to look hotter than thermostadts around the world said it was because they added 0.5 or more to each temperature.  There’s absolutely nothing scientific about that approach.  Nor is it very scientific or very accurate to massage unemployment numbers down to keep them below 10%.

As far as I’m concerned, why even bother to announce statistics if they are a lie?  Yeah I know, it’s called propaganda and leftist jackasses all around the world attempt to say they don’t put out propaganda but they do.  If your massaging data because you feel the real number is damning then you are guilty of propaganda.  It comes as no surprise to me that this is going on.  These people are so f*cking desperate to say their liberal messiah has not failed that they would support a propagandized version of the unemployment statistics.  In fact, everytime one of your liberal friends points you to a chart, a study, or merely statistics, I’d be really hesitant to believe anything they want you to believe.  Cooking the numbers appears to be a revolving theme around the Democrat party these days.  Liberalism has to cook the numbers because they can’t point to accurate data and convince you there is a problem.  If your unsure what I’m talking about, look up the hockey stick chart.  It was designed to cover up the Medival Warming Period (MWP).  They had to do that because they couldn’t make you believe there is a problem when temperatures were much warmer during the MWP than today. 

If the government wants me to believe their statistics, they need to have an independent accounting firm to calculate them.  At least that way, I can be sure that the numbers will at least be accurate instead of massaged data.  Obama has such integrity issues that he lies to the people about unemployment and acts like we should believe everything he has said.  I have some really good ideas about where he can put his unemployment stats and I hope he get’s a rash sticking them there!!  Rush Limbaugh was right, Obama is a jackass.