Does this really surprise anyone?  I’m being nice calling them food nazi’s.  I’ll attempt to define food nazi’s.  They are idiotic, selfish, egotistical, cowardly, and lazy people who think that everyone hates McDonald’s as much as they do.  They can’t accept that others do not share their views.  Anyways, the food nazi’s are going after McDonald’s yet again.  They want to prevent McDonald’s from putting a toy in their happy meal.  They have problems understanding that other parents harness the power of a happy meal to get their kids to behave and get good grades.  My kid’s got a happy meal if they had a great looking report card.  That inspired them to get the good grades.  I’ll break the food nazi traits down one by one.

Idiotic:  They believe they have the right to revoke everyone else’s rights to get a happy meal with a toy.  That makes them idiotic.  You never trade in a right for legislation. 

Selfish:  Not only do they not want their kids to eat a McDonald’s happy meal and get a toy but they don’t want you to either.  That’s selfish behaviour from where I sit.

Egotistical:  They frimly believe everyone feels the same way they do.  They are stupid enough to believe they are the majority.

Cowardly:  These people are such cowards and they do not feel the courage of their convictions.  They are scared to f*cking death to tell their kids they can’t have a McDonald’s happy meal with a toy.  As a kid, I was told no many times and I learned to accept it.  My kids heard no and they accepted it.

Lazy:  Lazy is a majority of their problem.  Apparently, they want their kids to have a nutricious meal yet they are too lazy take them home and fix them a nutricious meal.  What kind of idiot takes their kids to McDonalds for a nutricious meal?

These people probably should have not had kids because they aren’t fit parents.  When you allow your kids to tell you where you are taking them to eat then you’ve lost control of your household.  Having kids is not like going to the pound and picking up a puppy.  A kid requires a lot more than pets.  Saying no to kid’s teaches them right from wrong.  Once they know right from wrong, they develop integrity.  That leads to their kids being able to do the right thing when nobody is watching.  In essence they are depriving their kids from growing up and fully developing.