The shoes keep dropping on the man-made global warming movement.  In fact they are starting to look like Imelda Marcos’ closet with all the shoes that have dropped.  NOAA has dropped all satellite images from their website because they got caught cooking the numbers.  Now they are saying this dishonesty is the reason that climate models aren’t accurate.  You can read the article here.

Again, this so called scientific clusterf*ck is threatening to kill our economy.  Is it really worth it?  Hell no, it’s not worth it.  These people should be taken to court and charged with fraud.  NOAA should be disbanded and fined for it’s contribution to this fraudelent boondoggle.  Again, it’s stupid stuff like this that yields the truth man-made climate change because these idiots made it up in their offices instead of fact.  These greedy people don’t care one iota about facts or the damn climate.  They just want to use it to bilk taxpayers out of our hard earned money so they can further the fraud.  They try to insult me by saying I’m at war with science?  Nice try but I’m at war with stupidity.  There is a difference!