I laughed when the misguided rail against big business because big business employs people.  They pay their workers for their services and those workers pay their taxes.  I’ll tell you why they are misguided.  The differences between the evils of big business/big government are as follows:

Big Business                                                                                                                             Big Government

Employs workers so they can pay taxes                                                                     Goes after the employers for taxes making it hard for them to employ workers

Can’t take away your freedom                                                                                         Frequently attempts to revoke freedoms each and every time it tries to expand power

Provides worker health benefits which government interference                      Caused healthcare costs to skyrocket due to a bill passed without popular support which is an attempt to

      caused healthcare costs to go up 20%                                                                    force everyone onto the government plan to get us to a single payer system

Provides electricity                                                                                                             Wants to impose cap and trade schemes to kill jobs and the economy in one fatal swoop

Big business provides gas for our cars and natural gas for our home            Wants to heavily tax petroleom to make it unattractive to use

Provides coal for half of our electricity                                                                      Wants to heavily tax coal to make it unattractive to use

purchases goods and services locally to keep businesses up and running   Wants to kill production through taxation killing more jobs

Big business has to live within it’s budget                                                                    Does not live within it’s budget.  Often resorts to printing more money to pay for it’s spending

Provides products and services                                                                                      Wants to regulate businesses with red tape so that prices often go up by a minimum of 10%

Takes money out of the business for bonuses and pay raises                             Attempts to develop new programs to spend money we don’t have, raising deficits

     resulting in more taxes paid

If you tell me big business is evil, I say big government has no choice but to be evil.  Big government can do 80% more damage to the country than big business could ever dream of.  The housing market crash was created by government.  The unemployment situation was created by Obama’s policies.  Who in the hell would expand their business in an environment where they are demonized, taxed, and regulated to death.  Big business provides health insurance for their employees but Obama and his cronies have made it cheaper to pay the fine than to provide the insurance.  The healthcare bill forced insurance premiums to go up 20%.  I thought the whole point was to make the cost go down?  Obviously this bill failed to do what they said it would.  To prove the Democrats are a bunch of idiots they forced a quick vote preventing anyone from reading it before they voted for/against it.  Obviously Harry Reid knew he had to do that to get it passed.  The stimulus bill was to bail out the unions and state governments.  It may have saved a few jobs but most of those were state and federal employees.  What did it do to help private businesses?  The stimulus bill may have helped a few private businesses but not by much. 

Obama said trickle down economics doesn’t work but has he given us trickle up economics?  No, he let the Bush tax cuts expire.  In fact, Pelosi dismissed congress before they could vote on this because 39 Democrats were siding with the Republicans on the issue.  Obama said Republicans had tired old ideas without thinking about history.  History is a b*tch because it clearly shows his ideas have all been tried and have failed each and every time they have been tried.  Why in the hell would France be rushing towards capitolism if social democracy was all that and a bag of chips?  Our founding fathers had it right and everyone around the world are rushing to fashion their governments towards our system. 

Reagan proved that when the government provides a environment for business expansion/startup revenues will increase.  Everytime the government rushed towards raising taxes, the result is the same.  Unemployment numbers skyrockets necessarily.  Bill Clinton had it right because he created a business friendly environment.  Obama does not get it, basically, because he has the lowest amount of people who ran a successful business in his administration.  Take a look at the Linda McMahan and Blumenthal debate.  Blumenthal had no idea how to grow jobs and he was all over the place attempting to answer it.  Linda stopped him at 3 minutes and answered the question in 19 seconds.  I had to laugh because it’s apparent to me that these people don’t understand anything about business yet they are attempting to regulate it and tax it.

It’s funny how none of the climate scandals have changed Obama’s mind.  It’s been disclosed that they cooked numbers when it came to temperature data.  They added 0.5 or more to each temperature so that it appeared warmer than it was yet he still believes the fairytale.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Michelle read the IPCC report, as a nightime story, to him every night while he sucked his thumb at this point.  How these scientists have avoided going to jail is beyond me.  There are laws about fraud on the books so it’s amazing that nobody is going to jail. 

Again, the dangers of big government can outweigh any dangers posed by big business.  Big business at least gives you paycheck and if you have proved your worth to them, they used to provide for your well-being (Health insurance).  Big business can’t screw you as much as big government.  Government, should always fear the people.  What’s happened in Washington is that they don’t feel they have to answer to we the people.