I can’t help but laugh at what’s going on in the Democrat party.  You have several democrats out there attempting to claim they are more conservative than the Republicans that are beating them in the polls.  They are even claiming they won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi as speaker again.  They are attempting to distance themselves from Obama while claiming they voted with Republicans more than with Pelosi.  You have Maureen Dowd out there boo hooing that Republican women are mean.  There’s even one Democrat out there saying that Pelosi is divisive attempting to get some seperation between his politics and hers.  Where was these people last year about this time?  They were avoiding the public because they didn’t want to talk about Obamacare that’s where they were.  They didn’t have a problem signing a bill they did not read.  They didn’t have a problem wasting all that stimulus money which by the liberal messiah’s own comments did not achieve what he wanted while letting us know he lied when he talked about shovel ready projects.  He admitted there is no such thing as a shovel ready project.  Throughout the year these Democrats were out there attacking the citizens over Obamacare and the tea party.  They ignored their constitutents throughout the year and now that it’s election time and they are on the verge of getting fired from their jobs, they are acting like they get it.  Over the course of the last year, they attempted to tell us that we’re ignorant and that everything we’ve heard on the Obamacare bill is a damn lie yet reality can be a b*tch.  You have to laugh at the elitest’s actions.  If you actually believe them I have some prime realestate to sell you in the everglades.

These politicians are facing the fact that they may be fired from office and they are smelling the stench caused by their votes and actions.  They kind of remind me of an alcoholic.  They are truly sorry for the stuff they did while they were drunk and vow to quit drinking.  An alcholic will lie, cheat, and steal to have another drink.  This says all you need to know about these Democrats.  They are intoxicated with power and will lie, cheat, and steal to keep their power.  Probably the next statements out of their mouth will be “Well I voted for that bill but my vote didn’t really matter one way or another.”  Your response should be “You damn right it mattered!”  We send our representatives to Washington to represent our state and vote how we would vote.  Voting for Obamacare when only 30 percent of the population approved was idiotic and not necessarily how the majority would have voted when you consider that 70% opposed it.

Another story that I read today was about a highway sign in Colorado.  It was a cartoon that showed Obama dressed as the issues that he’s mishandled and yes it showed him dressed up as a muslim.  Liberals were calling the owner and making death threats towards him and his wife so he took it down.  The people who put it up are still annonymous although there is a lot of speculation it’s the Tea party but they deny it being their sign.  Now if we were to look at other 1st amendment issues we can clearly see the hypocracy.  Liberals are all up in arms over Westboro Baptist Church being prevented from picketing military funerals.  That’s considered fine and dandy.  It’s ok to have denegrating cartoons of President Bush.  It’s not ok to make fun of their liberal messiah.  Maybe Maureen Dowd should tackle her own party’s hypocracy and meaness before she declares that Republican women are mean. 

This election the country needs a good laugh but it also needs to look at your representatives voting record.  Did he/she vote the way you wanted him/her to.  Chances are, he/she did not and that’s why they are so far behind in the polls.  They are attempting to deceive you when we are within 30 days of the election and now all of a sudden they get it.  Don’t believe anyone that can have such a apiffany this close to election time because they are lying.  They don’t get it and that’s why we need to show them the door.  They are attempting to tell you it’s all Nancy Pelosi’s fault that they voted the way they did.  Last time I checked, Nancy doesn’t look like she’s capable of bending arms and kneecapping them.