LMFAO, remember this when liberal jackasses attempt to claim they are the party of tolerance.  Really?  Do you really think there was a coincidence when the communist jackass George Soros gave over a million dollars to NPR the very same day they fired Juan?  Hey, I could make a case for racism here.  They were trying to keep a black man down.  NPR is comprised of a bunch of racists.  Now I sort of respect Juan because he’s honest and not exactly a liberal tool like others are.  When Juan says something you know he’s being honest and non-confrontational about it.  He talks openly and I can appreciate it.  In fact, he corrected someone on the whole Rush Limbaugh referring to Obama as the Magic Negro as making fun of a black journalist who called Obama that.  That comment did not orginate with Rush.

NPR is probably wishing they did not fire Juan with as much heat as they are getting over it.  They deserve the heat because they violated Juan’s First Amendment right as a journalist.  I’ve heard liberal jackasses say worse than Juan did and not get fired. 

Senator Jim DeMint is going to push a bill to defund NPR for their scandalous behavior.  Yeah, Ooops guess you aren’t getting tax money you were planning on.  While the so-called party of tolerance is going into self-destruct mode over this, all of the top conservative talk radio personalities are all going to bat for Juan.  The only reason they fired Juan is because he was on foxnews as a political analysist.