Ok, I’m trying to figure this out.  We’ve caught Richard Blumenthal in several lies yet the higher percentage of voters would vote for him?  Really?  You can’t be THAT stupid!  It took him about 2 minutes to answer where do jobs come from and you want to vote for him?  Linda McMahon gave the correct answer in 19 seconds.  Blumenthal got caught red-handed begging special interest groups to find dirt on Linda McMahon, which is considered illegal, yet you still want to vote for him? 

If you vote for Blumenthal, don’t cry to anyone about anything.  You voted for Obama’s agenda because I guarantee you that Blumenthal is a yes man for Obama’s dangerous agenda.  If Blumenthal would like about Vietnam service what else will he lie to you about?  He isn’t smart enough to understand that professional wrestling is entertainment not real life.  So in a act of desperation, he goes back and flies Chris Benoit’s dad down for a press conference.  Just in case you don’t know who Chris Benoit is, he is the wrestler that received one too many bumps on the head causing dementia and mixed in steroids ontop of that.  Chris killed his wife, kid, and commited suicide.  The only reason this grissly scene played out the rest of the way is because he sent some wird text messages to his friends in the WWE.  The WWE called authorities and they discovered this murder suicide.  The dementia was caused by Chris not landing flat on his back and tucking his chin so that his head wouldn’t hit the floor or the ring.  He had 100% control of that.  He landed wrong which caused him to have multiple concussions multiple times.  This caused the dementia.  The steroids in his system were from a doctor who gave them to him.  The WWE can’t be held liable because they did not give him the steroids, his doctor did.  So basically Blumental is attempting to manufacture a conspiracy.  The World Wrestling Entertainment Inc did not have to go to court because they did nothing wrong.  Chris passed a drug test days before he killed his wife and kid then hung himself from his weight set.  This goes to show what a low life Blumenidiot is.  Why would he go to Canada and convince Chris Beniot’s grieving dad all the way here to the states to manufacture a conspiracy against Linda McMahon.

So if your ok with Blumental’s antics, by all means go vote for the lying SOB.  If your not ok with him, go vote for Linda McMahon your only other choice.  I’m telling you this because he has lied frequently and been caught lying.  If that’s the conduct you like from your elected officials then don’t wine later.