Connecticut has a ban on voters wearing WWE signature clothing at the polls because they say it is a political ad.  Apparently, these are the same mind numb idiots rushing back into the fire by voting for a yes man (Blumenidiot).  Vince will win and I will tell you why, Linda stepped down as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment and Vince is not running for public office.  So technically, it is violating the public’s first amendment right to wear WWE T-shirts or jackets.  This is the kind of crap liberals are known for doing.  When fans think of the WWE, Linda McMahon is the last person they think about.  She had a less than prominent roll on TV.  When WWE is thought about, the wrestlers are the very first thing people think of and of course Mr. McMahon.  The few, the proud, the idiots would have a point if there were WWE clothing with her picture on it.  To my knowledge, none of the WWE’s clothing line have Linda McMahon’s picture on them.  WWE has however developed a “Smackdown the Vote” T-shirt over the years and that was a campaign to get people out of the house and to polling stations to vote.  It is a generic campaign and it does not say who to vote for, it just says to vote.

Connecticut will lose this law suit miserably because their case has no merit.  It was an ill thought out anti-Linda McMahon campaign brought about by liberals who feel it is a campaign ad, the only problem is that it fails the common sense test.