Moe Lane has a brilliant article on  I have to agree with him on all of his points.  Basically the nuts and bolts of the article is don’t feel sorry for them and we should treat them like they treated us after the last election because:

The people who lose this election:

– told every Republican he/she hates

    –  African-Americans, Latinos, Gays, Women, Jews, Muslims, The Poor, and America

– The people who lose this election says Republicans are:

    –  Fascists, theocrats, stupid, uneducated, hate mongers, insane, and violent extremists

– They also called you:

    — unpatriotic and cowards

– Additionally they attempted to mock you everytime they got a chance, deliberately used a sexual slur when referring to you, and trivialized and dismissed every concern you had about how they are running this country.

Now these people are blaming you because they are losing, talk about sore losers.  If these nimwits and dumb sh*ts were ever honest with themselves, they’d know to blame themselves. 

There are people out there saying we shouldn’t kick Democrats because they are down or get angry but I say why bother?  After all they have done to the voters in this country maybe they need to be knocked down from elitest to chump status because they have made a mess.  They are like my dog.  Sometimes accidents happen but I still rub their nose in it so they will learn.  Maybe this is what is needed.  These elitest need to understand that they served at OUR pleasure and we’re not exactly pleased about the crappy job they have done.  These people believe we were lucky to have them to make decisions for us.  Some of these idiots have gone as far as to refer to voters as Homer Simpson.  You should be angry!!

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