The corrupt media in Alaska has shown how low they will go and how stupid they really are when they were exposed planning to find a pedophile at one his ralley’s and nail him on it.  I know what most people are wondering how is that showing their stupidity?  Well it’s simple, in the last 5 years it’s mostly teachers being arrested as pedophile’s and they belong to Teacher’s unions.  What party do you know of that supports teacher’s unions?  That’s right, the same party that corrupt media personnel belong to.  So in essence, maybe we should expose democrats running for office by pointing out that they likely have a pedophile attending their campaign rally.  The majority NAMBALA members vote Democrat because they feel they are accepted by tolerant Democrats.  Joe should probably go on the local TV station there in Alaska and point out their ignorance.  Republicans would give pedophiles the death penalty if it were up to us.

Democrats are leveling these kinds of attacks because they have nothing of substance to run on.  Their message is that they will support every destructive plan the liberal messiah has put forth and they are a yes vote for each and every one of these destructive plans.  The only thing left is personal attacks because their message sucks and the majority of Americans know their message sucks.  Alaskan’s should be asking theirselves if they like the status quo (Obama Policies) then they should vote for the Democrat or Lisa Murkowsky.  There is very little difference between the two.  If they don’t like the way Lisa Murkowsky has conducted herself in the Senate then they probably won’t be too thrilled about where the Democrat nominee will take them.  There is only one clear choice for office…Joe Miller.