ROFLMFAO, Liberals on blogs are entertaining today.  At, Corky attempted to act like a elitest as he told us all that Americans are stupid because they voted against our best interest?  Really Corky?  There is no amount of liberal spin that’s going to convince me that Crap and Tax is designed to do anything but make us poorer.  How is that in our best interest?  It may not have been in YOUR best interest but I’ll assure you, it’s in America’s best interest to vote against the liberal messiah’s plans.  One liberal openly said the liberal agenda is to take stuff from everybody else and give to him.  That incensed several liberals who told him to shut up.  I really can’t say much but I will say that user was at least honest about it.  Unlike them who think the very same thing but won’t come out and say it. 

Corky was so dejected, I believe he/she was either drunk or high because he kept repeating a line about Boener distributing funds from the Tobacco company on the house floor not once, not twice, but repeatedly throughout the 500+ thread.  Of course when I pointed out what an idiot he was repeating that over and over his only defense was those are facts.  Maybe they are and maybe they ain’t.  Apparantly Americans just told you to get over it because the election is over and you lost.  Corky is a sore loser out there demanding that Republicans work with the liberals and compromise.  Really?  I remember Republicans not being invited to give input to the healthcare bill.  I think it would be fitting to treat them like they treated us.  We should have secret meetings to discuss and write bills and not invite them.  It’s only fair right?  What comes around goes around.  Can anyone say Karma?  Karma 3:16 just bit the party of no compromise on the @ss so now each and every one of those losers are wanting us to compromise with them.  I was always told treat others like you’d like to be treated but if they treated me like crap then why should I treat them any different?   There’s always some idiot out there trying to make a case about it’s how you show them that you are better than they are.  Well I don’t see it that way.  I’ve always believed in “If you Want Blood, you got it!”  Notice how it’s the losers insisting that Republicans compromise with them even though they wouldn’t compromise with us.  Maybe Democrats should have made a softer bed since now they have to lay down in it.

Again, California, Delaware, Massachussets, Nevada, and Colorado have all said they want high unemployment, higher taxes, Crap and Tax, Card Check, and any other destructive Obama agenda items just because they voted for the yes men.  None of these states have a right to complain when they get everything Obama wants to give them including all of the unintended consquences from the liberal messiah’s policies.  Ya’ll voted for the status quo don’t get upset when you get what you wished for.

Liberals are losing their minds today as the fact that they are losers sinks into their brains.  Even Obama went out on national tv and denied any of his policies led to the sound beating Democrats got last night.  Really Mr. President?  Looks like to me that almost every person you strong armed into voting for Obamacare went down last night and your saying it wasn’t your policy that did it?  I say your going to have to do better than that.  At least accept reality, people voted against your agenda, plain and simple!  There is no other way to interpret it.