Make no mistake, overwhelmingly liberalism has been rejected.  The American Public has spoke and they do not want Crap and Tax, they don’t want Obamacare, they don’t want card check, they do not want bigger government, they don’t want higher deficits, and they don’t want the Obama agenda.  Americans are demanding a balanced budget, less government, repealing Obamacare, and that congress cut spending.

Nevada has spoken loud and clear that they want higher unemployment, higher deficits, we want our representatives to vote for the Obama agenda, and they want Obamacare.

Delaware has spoken loud and clear that they want the same things as Nevada.

Connecticut wants the same things as Nevada and Delaware.

The majority in these states are clearly masochists and love pain.

Obama said that this election is about his agenda.  Americans have rejected Obama’s agenda.  I can only wonder what these unemployed Democrats are going to do now that they are unemployed.  They get to prove to us how good the economy is by running out and getting a job.  That’s right they have made their bed now it’s time to lay down in it.  Hopefully they feel a measure of uncomfortableness in the bed.  Maybe they should have done a better job on that bed.

Republicans need to realize that they got into power not because Americans were voting for them as much as voting against the Democrats.  We were the lesser of two evils.  They need to work hard and eliminate earmarks, improve the job growth, stop job growth in government, and cut spending.  They have to live up to their promises because if they don’t, Americans won’t think twice about turning on the Republicans.