Obama clearly doesn’t have a clue on why his party failed this election.   I knew this would happen because before you can have someone man up…they have to be a man first.  According to Obama’s 60 minute interview he stated “It’s not my policies that failed, It was failed communication.  Really?  I remember reading that the total service of all of the unemployed Democrat policities was over a century and each and every one of those people voted FOR Crap and Tax.  How can he say it’s communication.  I’d have to say the communication got through, people didn’t like what he had to say.  Almost everyone I know knew what crap and tax was and why they were attempting it.  Nobody really agreed with his premise.  It’s almost like he said it wasn’t my fault but I’m going to continue with my agenda.  Really Mr President?  So it must have been the individuals fault that lost the election and not your shotty bills?  I’m not sure what planet the liberal messiah is from but to me that would be a no-brainer.  Of course it’s YOUR policies. 

Polls said 70% of the public was against your healthcare bill and you rammed it through for 30% of the population.  Obviously math isn’t the liberal messiah’s strong point.  Guess that’s why he became a lawyer because his math skills are not to be desired.  In my opinion, Obama seems to be living in an alternate universe and not in the real world.  Nothing pissed off most of the American voters more than healthcare and crap and tax.  Combine that with the liberal messiah sending union thugs into town halls to beat up on protesters over the healthcare bill and you have the perfect storm for what happened on Tuesday.  It’s right in front of his face yet he’s too arogant to see it.  This storm was so perfect that Republicans got the majority of the gay vote.  How sad is that?  The gay vote normally goes for Democrats. 

Obama has to figure out why he lost so bad before he can move forward.  Just to show you the arrogance, he was told that Crap and tax was dead and he said that’s fine, I can persue that through another avenue.  Wait a second, he still is going to push some form of crap and tax even though the voters used their vote to send message “HELL NO!!”  I’ve said before that man-made global warming is a hoax now the liberal messiah says we have to pay for a hoax?  Let’s get real, if he were dealing with facts, he’d be saying what the electorate is saying.  In fact, the support that man-made global warming theory/scam is getting is so low that it’s not profitable and it’s going to die any day now because everyone with money has become a skeptic. 

Honestly, I can’t believe the liberal messiah is really that stupid!  He said before this election was a referendum on his policies now he’s saying it’s not his policies that caused the shift in support.  He is wrong and I’ve said before that liberals are intellectually dishonest.  Our president is no different!