Meet Judge Vicki Miles LaGrange.  She’s not too bright because she bought Muneer Awad’s/CAIR’s  idiotic argument that the Oklahoma’s ban on Sharia law was unconstitutional because it violates freedom of religion.  Really?  You can’t be that stupid.  Sharia law is incompatible with US law.  In Sharia law it’s perfectly allowable to beat your wife.  Guess that would knock some sense into this dumb@ss judge but it the end it is not compatible with US law.  In Sharia law it’s ok to kill gay and lesbian people.  That’s most definitely incompatible with US law since the US have laws on the books about singling out gay and lesbians for violent acts.

The leftists in this country seem to want to give Muslims every concession they want.  They are idiots because they are going against their best interest.  I have no problem with Oklahoma pulling a chance to have Sharia law in the US law system.  If you want to live under Sharia law, move your ass somewhere that they practice it.  Don’t expect me or any other American to allow your Sharia law in OUR country.  You came here from all over the middle east.  Why would you expect everyone else in the US to adapt your legal system?  To the Muslims that have lived here all of their life, MOVE!  Preventing Sharia law from being practiced here has absolutely nothing to do with your “Religious Freedom.”  To the Muslims who moved here from other countries, apparantly you should have stayed where you were if you want Sharia law.

I’ve already mentioned several of the many incompatibilities Sharia law has with our US system of laws.  Others are that Honor Killings are legal under Sharia law.  We’ve already had several of these in the US and the person who killed were sent to jail.  Cheating spouses are killed under Sharia.  Women are jailed for not wearing a Burka.  Hell they have fashion police out there making sure that women are dressing appropriately.  It will be a cold day in hell before I am in favor of Sharia law in the US.   For the record, I wasn’t referring to Hell, Michigan.  Judge Vicki Miles LaGrange has proved she’s a idiotic leftist judge who doesn’t know sh*t about US law.  It leaves me to wonder if she slept her way to her degree in law.