I have to acknowledge that Mayor Gavin Newsom is the voice of sanity in San Francisco.  He’s probably on the left’s sh*t list right now but I say he’s ok.  He refused to sign the bill that made it illegal for McDonald’s to offer toy prizes with their happy meal.  That was the right thing to do.  Parents in San Francisco wanted the government to tell their kids they can’t have the toy prize from a happy meal so they wouldn’t have to tell their kids no!  Get used to it!!!!  I have told my kids no many times and they still love me as adults so there!!  Take that! and that!

At the press conference where he refused to sign the bill he also added if I were to sign this bill, where does it end and what’s next?  Are we going to go after cereal next?  It comes with a toy.  Gavin was right on the money when he refused.  I’m sure the food Nazi’s are just waiting to mount a come back since Mayor Gavin was elected as Lt. Governor and will be leaving San Francisco to live in Sacramento.  I’m sure they will re-submit their bill as soon as the new guy moves into the seat.  I’m sure the food nazi’s for the moment are unhappy but he left you one option.  BE THE PARENT!!!!!  Grow a pair of balls and tell your kids no.  Trying to get the government to say no to McDonalds is the act of cowards and lazy people.  They are too cowardly to tell their kids no and too lazy to go home and cook.