Everytime Senator Boxer opens her mouth she takes away all doubt about how smart she is.  *sarcastic comment*.  Yeah you voters in California did a real nice job voting her back to congress.  Apparantly, she’s not embarassed you enough to vote against her.  Senator Boxer went on national TV and compared the US military’s Gay Ban to Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea.  First off, someone please inform the dumb bimbo that Iran and Pakistan KILLS Gays under SHARIA law.  You know the legal system that MUSLIMS feel we should let them have here in the US and we’re not because that legal system IS NOT compatible with the US constitution nor is it compatible with US law.  I’m not quite sure she’s intelligent enough to get that.  We only ban gays and lesbians from serving, we do not kill them because they are gay.  We are in no way comparable to Iran nor Pakistan. 

Ok, now then if someone could please hand her some more bleach please!  Thank you!