The NY times shows themselves for the gutless/spineless liberal cry rag that they are today.  A year ago during the climategate emails, they went on record saying they weren’t going to reprint the emails because they were illegally obtained and the public was never intended to see those emails.  However, the NY times don’t have a problem publishing illegally obtained classified documents.  This is the classic liberal hypocracy in action that always shows it’s ugly head on their cryrag publication.  The truth of the matter is that they considered exposing the global warming crowd’s lack of integrity would be akin to heresay.  The leftist at the NY times would not violate the tennants of the religion of man-made global warming by publishing them because it would be bad for the leftists.  Publishing leaked classified documents is bad for America and they have absolutely no problem with that because they consider that good for their religion.  however, I’d have to say that they have this wrong.  What the leaking of these documents does is show how inept the Obama administration is when it comes to national security.  apparently it also shows how inept Obama is at maintaining friendships throughout the world.  We never had this much leaking of documents during the Bush administration.