LMFAO, I went onto Senator John Cornyn’s facebook page to see a conservative lady arguing with liberals over abortion.  I chimed in and said I think our laws are laced with hypocracy on the issue.  If a mother wants to abort her child, she has the right because the fetus isn’t human yet everytime a murder happens and the woman is pregnant, the murderer is charged with one count for the child.  Either it’s human or not.  There is no middle ground.

Well I had a liberal male respond and accuse me of not supporting abortion.  My reply was that I’m all for abortion because it does society a favor.  Conservative populaton stays high and the liberal population stays low.  I’m sure that’s going to create a sh*t storm because Senator Cornyn’s discussion board has many liberal trolls even though Cornyn is a Republican.  Don’t worry, I’m neither going to take it back or apologize because it’s absolutely true.  If they get pissed then maybe they have reservations about abortion but in the nutshell that’s what they are doing is keeping the conservative population higher than the liberal population.  This way we are spared having another Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama for president to ruin the country with their out of control spending problem and their desire to tax the hell out of the American public to support their spending sprees.  It’s no different than deer hunting.  It controls the deer population.