Meet the TNA Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy, Also known as the anti-christ of pro-wrestling.  My grandmother used to tell me not to believe anything I hear and only half of what I see.  She was a wise old lady.  She would have loved Jeff Hardy because he’s an incredible wrestler who does some pretty amazing things in the ring.  You could hear her two blocks away during a wrestling show, god rest her soul.  LOL.  Anyways the latest rumors say he showed up drunk at a pay per view.  If you listen to the lie out there and use a little common sense, you’ll be able to figure out that the rumor is bullshit.

The top of my evidence is he’s still the Heavyweight Champion.  He did compete at final resolution pay per view.  I don’t think a promoter would EVER EVER EVER put a drunk guy in the ring with one of his wrestlers.  The promoter makes his money based on his wrestlers staying healthy.  A drunk wrestler would compromise that goal.  I don’t know much about the inner workings of pro-wrestling but I feel that if indeed he’d been drunk the promoter would have either:  a.  Stripped his belt and fired the individual or b.  Sent him to the ring and had 2 guys come out of the locker room rough him up and then throw him into the ring for his opponent to pin him.  Keeping the individual from executing any moves at all so that there is no risk to other wrestlers.  Neither option was executed so I feel like this is just worthless chatter on the dirt sheets.

I have yet to see a name attached to this rumor so I’m guessing it’s pretty much bullshit.  There is nothing out there to back up this story. 

I have heard first hand from Jeff and he is saying that it is a lie.  I questioned someone who posted this ugly rumor and they said well I don’t believe anything on the dirt sheets but there must be a small truth in it.  I’m dumbfounded.  He doesn’t believe the dirt sheets yet this story is true because it is believable.  Now even though I wasn’t there, I’d have to look at the whole picture and the facts and neither supports this rumor.  The facts and the whole picture support Jeff.  In my view, it’s irresponsible to spread something that you can’t confirm it’s true.  I require more than that to post anything on my blog site about anyone.

Other than that, I’d have to say that Jeff is a very nice guy.  I hate to see a nice guy beaten up by rumors of something that never happened.  I’m sure Jeff feels powerless when dealing with rumors and I’m sure it gets old having to deal with rumors but it’s part of what he does for a living.  I don’t think things will ever change as long as we have the internet around.  People clearly won’t take the time to think things through BEFORE they post a rumor like this.  I hate to say it but I think that some people who don’t like Jeff would purposefully put crap out there like this just to tarnish his reputation.  As for me, I know all I need to know about Jeff from one single picture.  It was a picture of both Matt and Jeff posing with a veteran.  Jeff made several trips to Iraq and Afghanistan to perform on the tribute to the troops shows.  If he can support the troops then the troops can give some support back to him.  He deserves it!  I’d love to sit down and have a jam session with Jeff anytime!  I may be old but I can still play guitar.

If you are interested in seeing Jeff and his brother Matt on a side project they both have going on.  Make sure to check out the Matt Hardy show.  The greatest show not on tv.  Click here to go to the website.  I’ve ordered Season 9 and the best of DVD.  I’ll make sure I post a review after I receive my DVDs.